B1G Power Rankings- Week 11

1.) Ohio State (9-0)- OSU was on a BYE this week.

2.) Michigan State (8-1)- MSU was on a BYE this week.

3.) Wisconsin (8-2)- Beat BYU 27-17. Not much to say here as Wisky was Wisky. They won the game on a strong running game and stout defense. BYU is a good team and that is a quality OOC win for the Badgers and B1G.

4.) Minnesota (8-2)- Beat Penn State 24-10. Minnesota won and Jerry Kill danced in the locker room after the game with his players. That is why we all love CFB. The heart warming story of a coach with a serious illness inspiring a team to an extended winning streak is the kind of thing that ESPNs 30 for 30s and BTN The Journeys are made of. Ride the wave Gopher fans ride the wave.

5.) Nebraska (8-2)- Beat TTUN 17-13. Honestly the Cornhuskers were lucky they faced an awful Wolverines team because they were barely better. The defense won them the game which is to say the TTUN offense was so horrible that they were barely better.

6.) Iowa (6-4)- Beat Purdue 38-14. Jordan Canzeri carried the ball 20 times for 165 yards and 1 TD and carried this team to victory. The offense looked almost decent. The defense as always was reliably good.

7.) Indiana (5-4)- Beat Illinois 52-35. Indiana is an offensive juggernaut. That much we know for sure. The defense is awful we also know that as well. They are close to being bowl eligible and when they go to a bowl it will be interesting to see how that goes.

8.) Northwestern (4-5)- Northwestern was on a BYE this week.

9.) Penn State (5-4)- Lost to Minnesota 24-10. Penn State was just outplayed by a team who has improved weekly. The Nittany Lions are at the point of the season where having smaller scholly players is hurting them. They are tired and drained.

10.) Illinois (3-6)- Lost to Indiana 52-35. Illinois defense lost this game. The offense was good putting up 600+ yards and 35 points. The defense just gave up more of both.

11.) Purdue (1-8)- Lost to Iowa 38-14. Purdue is awful there is no doubt about that. Coach Hazell needs something positive for his team to just get a breather. Probably won’t happen this year though.

12.) Michigan (6-3)- Lost to Nebraska 17-13. That is 3 losses in their last 4 games. Not only are they losing but they are embarrassing themselves in the process. I have never seen an OL this bad ever on any team at any level. Seriously they are Bad News Bears and Mighty Ducks before getting inspired by a drunk coach bad. The Running Backs are abysmal and unable to overcome the OL weakness in any way. Devin Gardner is making bad decision on top of bad decisions. The defense is being asked to do things they don’t have the talent for right now. The coaching from top to bottom in every aspect of the game is dreadful. The Wolverines earned a week at this spot based on their game play. They can easily move up the list if they can do something positive this week at Northwestern.


  1. Poor Northwestern. They need like three or four more bye weeks.

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