MotSaG Top 25 – Week 11

MotSaG Top 25
1. Florida State
2. Alabama
3. Ohio State
4. Baylor
5. Stanford
6. Missouri
7. Clemson
8. Auburn
9. Oregon
10. Michigan State
11. Texas A&M
12. Oklahoma State
13. Fresno State
14. Northern Illinois
15. UCLA
16. Wisconsin
17. South Carolina
18. UCF
19. Arizona State
20. Texas
21. LSU
22. Louisville
23. Oklahoma
24. Minnesota
25. Miami

The fight for the #1 spot could go back and forth until one of these teams slips up or they play each other. Right now, I am giving the edge because the three ranked teams Florida State faced were more impressive (according to rankings at the time FSU played them) than Alabama’s three ranked teams (and let’s be honest, LSU probably doesn’t belong to be ranked as high as they are). Either way, both teams have been impressive, dominant and seem on a collision course to face each other.

Which, much to our dismay, leaves the Buckeyes out in the cold at #3. Things are still falling the Buckeyes way, but one of their quality wins over Wisconsin, is being devalued by the “human element” that should have the Badgers and 8-1 instead of 7-2. Michigan State could crack the top ten before they meet in the B1G championship game which would bolster OSU’s resume, but it might not be enough to overcome the lead that Florida State and Alabama hold in the collective minds of the media and voters. Which may end up being quite the shame.

Baylor is still the wildcard in all of this, because they showed that they’re not a one trick pony and their defense can play just as fast and effectively. I think we may be valuing the win over Oklahoma too much. We need to remember this is the same Oklahoma that was severely beaten by a Texas team that barely made it out of September alive. That same Texas team that was thoroughly throttled by a BYU team that could barely muster a pair of touchdowns against a B1G outfit.

I’m giving Michigan State some credit for the season they are having. They have been nothing short of dominant on the defensive side, and that’s just the way Mark Dantonio likes it. He’ll put you in a headlock and no matter how much you beg, he’s just not letting up until he’s had his fun, or a new episode of Chopped is on.

The rest of the teams are just a mumbled mess of conference bragging rights, they beat them, so they are better and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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