Luke Fickell interviews with Florida Atlantic?

There is a report out today from the Broward County/Palm Beach Sun Sentinel that says Luke Fickell was interviewed today for the Florida Atlantic Head Coaching job that was made vacant last week when Carl Pelini was fired.

Here is some of the report…

FAU Athletic Director Pat Chun is wasting no time in going after his top choice to replace Carl Pelini.

Sources close to the situation tell the Sun Sentinel that Chun flew to Columbus, Ohio Tuesday to interview Ohio State defensive coordinator Luke Fickell for FAU’s vacant head coaching position.

The 40-year-old Fickell is Chun’s top target for the FAU job, which is being held in the interim by Owls offensive coordinator Brian Wright.

Chun’s secretary confirmed that Chun was not at the school’s facilities today. Chun said Saturday that he would not have any comment on the Owls’ coaching search until a hire has been made. That stance was reaffirmed by the FAU athletic department’s spokeswoman Tuesday.

Chun knows Fickell well, having spent 15 years in the Ohio State athletic department before accepting the FAU AD job in July 2012.


Moments after announcing Pelini’s resignation last Wednesday, Chun said that he had many friends in the coaching profession from his time at Ohio State, and that he planned on aiming high with his hire.


For Chun, Fickell is aiming high. Fickell’s 2013 salary at Ohio State is $600,000, roughly $100,000 more than Carl Pelini made as FAU’s head coach, though Chun said earlier this year he believed it would be possible for FAU to raise its coaches’ compensation after the season.

The question is is this the kind of job that could pull Fickell away from his home and dream job? FAU offers a lot to be honest in weather, recruiting, distance away from OSU footprint, and a fresh start as the head coach of a College Football Team. Time will tell how serious he is about this job. I doubt he would do anything prior to the season ending. Coach Fickell is a polarizing figure for fans with some loving him for being a Buckeye at it’s truest meaning and the rest disliking his defensive play calling the last 2 years. What do you think should he stay or should he go?


  1. I’m a big Fickell fan and think he takes a lot of unnecessary grief from fans. But he should do whatever he feels is best for him and his family. With the success Meyer has had here already, and the continued success we all expect, we are going to lose assistants to head coaching jobs. It’s just a matter of time.

    Ultimately, whatever he chooses is the right choice, but I would have no problem adding FAU to the list of teams I’d cheer for if we aren’t playing them.

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