OSU Basketball: A Look At The Centers

OSU Logobasketball_iconA huge problem for the Buckeyes basketball team was the lack of an inside presence. There was no type of production down in the paint. Matta has his two main centers returning. Amir Williams and Trey Mcdonald. Amir Williams will be the starter with Trey being his backup. This year, there needs to be trust in Amir Williams. The Buckeyes need to get him going and going early in the season. I have read that Williams and Mcdonald have both shown improvement this off season. OSU has known to go small, time will tell to see what the production of the big guys are.

Amir Williams:

Amir Williams, Baye Keita

Amir has been a productive shot blocker for the Buckeyes. Everyone would like to see some more rebounds and a little offensive spark in him. If he could average a couple points a game, be a shot blocker and have a big man presence on defense, the Buckeyes are looking good down low. I read an article from http://www.cleveland.com/ talking about how Amir looked very improved. Also stating that he is handling the ball well. Amir is a huge factor for the Buckeyes, it is important to have that big man factor when teams prepare for OSU. I believe fans will see a more developed big man considering last year there was no big man factor.

Trey Mcdonald:


Trey Mcdonald has had the role of being the backup center. We did not see him much last year because Evan Ravenel who played PF for the Buckeyes would usually replace Amir. Trey certainly has the size to be a dominant center. I think he will get solid minutes due to Ravenel’s absence. Trey really hasn’t played in any big time minutes. This year he will be needed as another center. I do not really see the Buckeyes playing with both Trey and Amir. Matta likes to go small, so this leaves usually at most one center on the floor.

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