MotSaG Top 25- Week 10

1. Florida State
2. Ohio State
3. Alabama
4. Oregon
5. Baylor
6. Stanford
7. Clemson
8. Oklahoma
9. Michigan State
10. Missouri
11. Auburn
12. Oklahoma State
13. Fresno State
14. Northern Illinois
15. Miami of Florida
16. UCF
17. Louisville
18. Texas A&M
19. LSU
20. Wisconsin
21. Arizona State
22. UCLA
23. BYU
24. Texas
25. Minnesota

– Why can’t it be 2014 already? Can you imagine how awesome and fun a playoff would be with Bama, OSU, FSU, and Oregon? The truth is it would be epically awesome and would solve the problem of this years issue of having to many good undefeated teams fighting for 2 spots. It is still early though and I think it will still play out to 1 or 2 undefeated teams only.

– Outside of the top 5 which are the only undefeated teams with a chance to make the NCG (sorry Fresno St and No. Illinois) the rest of the top 25 is a convoluted mess that changes constantly it gets very murky. The question is which conference has the better teams because that will determine how the top 25 is laid out.

– The B1G is getting a ton of grief this year but I do believe that OSU, MSU, and Wisconsin could beat 99% of the teams in CFB on a neutral field. I think Minnesota could beat 66%. Nebraska and PSU 50%. TTUN would struggle to beat 40% of the teams in CFB.

– The good news is we are now in November and this is when most of the tough games are played on everyones schedule. The contenders and pretenders will be sorted out really soon.

– What says you? How would you rank these teams? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Completely agree with your comment about Ohio State, Wisconsin and Michigan State being able to beat almost any team on a neutral field. But the media will never admit Wisconsin and Michigan State are great teams. Ohio State doesn’t even get the respect it deserves. Minnesota is interesting and I’m not sure what to make of them.

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