Three Yards and a Cloud of Links

Good Morning Buckeye Nation.

Get your vote on: Buckeye quarterback commit Stephen Collier needs Buckeye Nation to represent and vote for him as player of the week. Collier who was voted Homecoming King went 12-20 with 327 yards and 4 touchdowns and rushed for 54 yards and another touchdown. Here is the link to vote for Stephen:

Here are the highlights from his performance against Harris County:

SuperBand: The Ohio State Marching Band is getting recognized for what they have been doing this year. Apparently they are getting 10-15 million views on their youtube videos for the awesome halftime shows. Yesterday the they were featured on the Today Show.

Haterade Nation: I was going to go off on a certain writer and his ignorance and obvious disdain for the Buckeyes. I was going to oh never mind not like he would be capable of reading my dribble of pointing out he is a moron specially since I might have already done it before, I have lost track on who I have gone off on since it seems Buckeye Nation against the world.

Thanks to Josh Schott (Mr B1G) posting something that really was entertaining and made sense. Greg Doyel of CBSSports has a really nice article.

There are additional facts but they don’t seem to matter, even if the fact is the Buckeyes kicked it onside with three seconds left in the half — they didn’t want the ball back; they wanted to prevent a long kickoff return before halftime — and if another fact is that the referees made an obviously incorrect spot on Penn State’s fourth-down play and Ohio State challenged the call to get its defense off the field, which is allowed. Only, it’s not allowed when the team doing it is Ohio State. Better to ignore the bad call and give the other team charity, because charity isn’t insulting to a fellow Big Ten football school. Challenging a bad spot is insulting. Or something.

Bad Dad: Seems that Illinois QB Nathan Scheelhaase’s father is no longer allowed on the University of Illinois campus after a incident with university police. Guess that takes the embarrassment by a family member to all new heights, he won’t have to ask his dad to drop him off around the corner since that’s as far as he will allowed to be.

Until next time Buckeye Nation…

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