MotSaG Top 25 – Week 8

1.) Florida State
2.) Alabama
3.) Ohio State
4.) Oregon
5.) Missouri
6.) Baylor
7.) Miami of FL
8.) Texas Tech
9.) Stanford
10.) Clemson
11.) Auburn
12.) UCLA
13.) Oklahoma State
14.) Oklahoma
15.) Northern Illinois
16.) Fresno State
17.) Louisville
18.) Va Tech
19.) Oregon State
20.) Michigan State
21.) Nebraska
22.) Wisconsin
23.) Central Florida
24.) Michigan
25.) Ball State

– Teams falling out of the Top 25 this week…. LSU, Texas A&M, Georgia, Washington, Florida, Northwestern, and South Carolina.

– A new #1 for this week… Florida State has absolutely killed everyone they have played and the dismantling of my former #1 team Clemson on Clemson’s home field was very impressive.

– Teams 1-4 are all capable of playing for the NC possibly even a few more teams. Eventually things will play out and some teams will get exposed and the picture will clear up for the NCG.

– Conference stats… B1G 5 teams, PAC 12 4 teams, ACC 4 teams, Big 12 4 teams, SEC 3 teams, MAC 2 teams, AAC 2 teams, MWC 1 team.

– I am completely unimpressed by the SEC. The fact that they schedule no one in the Non-Conf and then their “best” teams lose to the leagues lower tier teams doesn’t exactly prove much to me. Could they still be the best conference in the country? Sure possibly but they aren’t playing like it right now.

– 2 loss teams need not apply…. currently I only have one 2 loss team ranked and that team should only have one loss if not for horrific officiating costing them a game. Wisconsin is the best 2 loss team currently.

– I am sure there is a lot to debate about my list so feel free to leave some comments and tear apart my rankings or praise them for how incredibly spot on they are.


  1. I agree with you on dropping FIVE SEC teams from the rankings. Florida probably shouldn’t have ever been there and the SEC superiority myth is taking some serious body blows. Missouri, guys? MISSOURI?

    Watching FSU/Clemson, I couldn’t figure out if FSU was that good or if Clemson was simply Clemsoning itself. That was hard to watch at times.

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