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Good morning Buckeye Nation.

Long Time: Is it me or did it seem like its been a long time since we seen the Buckeyes football team in action? Have no fear for the wait is finally over and gameday is here, today’s opponent is the Iowa Hawkeyes. The last time they played each other was 2010 I believe with OSU winning 20-17 in Iowa, Kirk Ferentz is 1-7 vs the Buckeyes. Here’s a recap of that game for you to enjoy:

2018-2019 Announcement: I know we might be getting ahead of ourselves here but the B1G made an announcement on the dates for the 2018 and 2019 season openers and also the conference championship dates. Beginning in 2016 the B1G will move to a 9 game conference schedule first time since the 1983-84 seasons.

Mindnumbing BS: Everywhere you look these days everyone is saying how weak the schedule the Buckeyes play even if they go undefeated they might be left out of the title game. Bleacher Report just had a post about it tying the Buckeye with Louisville about strength of schedule. Well Louisville dropped their game last night to UCF so that link will now be dead, but my issue is the strength of schedule talk. Is it the Buckeyes fault that when they scheduled Cal they would basically suck years later? Its Ohio States fault for Vandy backing out too right. Wait nope its the Buckeyes fault that the rest of the B1G is unfortunately looking terrible around the country. I mean come on here Michigan drops to Penn State last week and Brady cHoke had a top ten team recruiting this last year. Look besides scUM recruiting well and having an over hyped coach that is not Ohio States fault for everyone else falling short. Every week you play a conference foe you have to bring your A game and every week you win you should be rewarded doesn’t matter what the score and style points are. Everyone remember the magical year of 2001 when there were a ton of close games and the Buckeyes pulled them out and were rewarded with a trip to a National Championship and beat Miami. Basically stop blaming the Buckeye for the weak schedule blame the B1G for they should be ashamed of themselves.

Football Committee: The College Football Playoff Selection Committee has finally been announced. The 13 member committee is a who’ who of college football. Tom Osborne, Archie Manning, and Barry Alvarez are just some of the members. There has been many people complaining about former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice being on this committee which is mind boggling to me. Rice is very knowledgeable about football heck shes a Cleveland Browns fans. You can pick any NFL team in the country and you pick the Browns tells me you know your stuff!!

Be Thankfully: I always try to remember whatever I am going through life there is someone who is going through something worse than myself. Well this seems it could relate to sports, no matter how bad that black eye that was left on the Buckeyes football program nothing can be compared to this.

Until next time Buckeye Nation…

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