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We are down to just 14 undefeated teams, and this weekend brings us two games between unbeatens, plus a handful of others where no-lossers will be put to the test. Chances are we’ll still be in the double-digits when the dust settles Sunday morning, but you never know where a four-overtime upset might be brewing. For your viewing pleasure this week, I have provided a link to an interesting image that came up when doing a Google search for both team’s mascots together. Am I running out of ideas for the TV Guide? Why do you ask?



UCF @ Louisville. I mean, this guy. Right? (ESPN)



Florida @ Missouri. Beat that, Napoleon Dynamite. (SEC-TV)


Iowa @ Ohio State. I don’t get it, but if we’re Sam Jackson, I’m for it. (ABC/ESPN2)

BYU @ Houston. Well, that’s what you get when you don’t come up with an original name. (ESPN News)


UCLA @ Oregon. So yeah, this came up because of the Boston Bruins, but still. Impressive. (ESPN/ESPN2)


Florida State @ Clemson. I don’t know. But it feels right. (ABC)

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