B1G Power Rankings- Week 7

1.) Ohio State (6-0)- Ohio State was on a BYE this last week. Next game at home vs Iowa.

2.) Michigan State (5-1)- Beat Indiana 42-28. The Spartans have arguably the best unit in the B1G with their defense. They gave up some points to the Hoosiers but then again who doesn’t. If their offense can muster een a little offense they could be the team to beat in the Legends this year. Next game home vs Purdue.

3.) Wisconsin (4-2)- Beat Northwestern 35-6. Wisconsin has the running game to compete with almost anyone in the country. They thoroughly destroyed the Wildcats even after losing their best player in Abbraderis to a concussion. Next game @ Illinois.

4.) Nebraska (5-1)- Beat Purdue 44-7. Nebraska is an anomaly of a team. Their defense is getting better I think but they aren’t really playing good teams right now. Taylor Martinez has been out injured for a few weeks now and the offense seems to be better? Next game on a bye week.

5.) Penn State (4-2)- Beat TTUN 43-40 on 4 OTs. I am not a PSU fan by any means but it is really hard to hate Bill O’Brien and what he is doing under such horrible circumstances. Christian Hackenberg is a star in the making. Allen Robinson is a stud WR. They don’t have any depth though and that will continue to be an issue. Next Game on a BYE this week.

6.) Iowa (4-2)- Was on a BYE week. Next game @ Ohio State.

7.) Northwestern (4-2)- Lost at Wisconsin 35-6. The Wildcats were on let down watch after losing a heart breaker to OSU last week. That is exactly what happened. The entire team played horribly and lost again. I think they need to be on suicide watch going forward as to not let this season slip away. Next Game @ home vs Minnesota.

8.) Michigan (5-1)- Lost to PSU 43-40. The Wolverines were out coached and out played and did exactly what they have done most of the time when playing on the road under Brady Hoke… They lost. Devin Gardner is a turnover machine. They have no running game outside Gardner. Their offensive line is horrific. Their best receiver is a TE. Their defense is no where near as good as I thought they would be. Bottom line they aren’t a very good team and doesn;t look like their are any changes they can make to fix things. Next Game at home vs. Indiana.

9.) Illinois (3-2)- The Illini was on a BYE this past week. Next Game home vs. Wisconsin.

10.) Minnesota (4-2)- The Golden Gophers was on a BYE last week. Next game @ Northwestern.

11.) Indiana (3-3)- Lost to MSU 42-28. The Hoosiers are exactly what they are. A really good offense and equally as bad defense. They will have to outscore teams to beat them. Next Game @ Michigan.

12.) Purdue (1-5)- Lost to Nebraska 44-7. This team is just flat out bad. If you lose to them it would be an embarrassment. Indiana State consider yourself embarrassed. Next Game @ MSU.


  1. No..the Nebraska offense isn’t better minus a 100% healthy Taylor Martinez. Not even close. A statement earlier in piece about “lesser teams” is all that needs to be known. TA isn’t second coming of Tommie Frazier, not near as fast as healthy Martinez and not near able to run the full breathe of the Nebraska offense that Martinez can.

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