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Good Morning Buckeye Nation.

Vegas gone Mad: Apparently Las Vegas experienced a $100 Million dollar swing due to the fumble recovery in the end zone by the Buckeyes Saturday night against Northwestern. The Buckeyes game seemed to have been a very popular game for bettors and since the Buckeyes beat the spread the odds makers lost out on this one. I personally don’t understand the whole betting thing so I don’t do it especially since I have no luck when it comes to it, heck I spent a week in Vegas and only spent 20 bucks on gambling actually came out a head by like 5 dollars so I was a winner!!

Best Rivalries: Seems another site did a Top Rivalries in college football. gives us their Top 16 and of course everyone should have the OSU/scUM rivalry as Number 1 I was actually surprised they had the Army/Navy game as Number 5 it should be Number 2. I love the Army/Navy game and all that goes with it. I love the fact its on a weekend when there’s hardly any other college football game giving these future military leaders the spotlight they deserve. As a former Navy(SeaBees) man the game means more and since the Midshipmen is on a great winning streak vs the Black Knights I keep winning free beer from my former Army buddy. Psst hey Joel your still behind a six pack hahaha.

Elusive Big Man: Thad Matta and the Buckeyes are still on the look out for the elusive Big Man that they desperately need. The Buckeyes lost on on 7 foot center Elbert Robinson from Texas to the LSU Tigers. The Buckeyes will be very dependent on Amir Williams and Trey McDonald as their centers this season. I feel the Buckeyes only having one guy over 6 foot 8 this season is going to be an issue when March Madness starts. Williams hopefully will become more consistent this season but the Buckeyes really need to get another big man for next season.

Beautify Ohio:
13 - 1
Thanks to Bobble Head Woody on Google+ for this in the Buckeye Nation Community

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