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There’s no Buckeye game this week, but there are a handful of compelling games. And just because we’ll be out of sight, doesn’t mean we have to be out of mind: this week we’ll look at the best games in terms of how those teams have performed historically against Ohio State.



Rutgers @ Louisville. Ohio State is a combined 2-0 against these two teams who will be bolting from the American Athletic Conference next year. Both of those games were against Louisville in the early ’90s, when the Cardinals were independent and coached by Howard Schnellenberger, post-USFL debacle. (ESPN)



Missouri @ Georgia. Despite both of these teams being in the Almighty SEC, Ohio State has a solid 10-2-1 record against them. Never mind that said record is almost entirely against Missouri, these two are to the Buckeyes what Lloyd Carr & Rich Rodriguez were to Jim Tressel. (ESPN)

Oklahoma vs. Texas. Ohio State is 2-3 against these historic giants, which sounds bad until you consider that the three losses are by a COMBINED seven points. Meanwhile, both of our wins are by at least ten. (ABC)


Florida @ LSU. You’re shuddering just thinking about it, aren’t you? Well, back in 1988 the Buckeyes beat LSU by three at home a year after playing the Tigers to a draw on the road. As for the other three games against these two teams, I can’t seem to remember. (CBS)

Northwestern @ Wisconsin. While the series between Ohio State’s last two opponents is a little closer, together they are 32-114-6 against the Buckeyes. (ABC)


Oregon @ Washington. Ohio State is 16-3 against two of the best teams in the Pac-12, with 8 wins over each team and 3 losses to the Huskies. Suck it, Phil Knight. (FS1)


NASCAR. With no Buckeye game to showcase this week, ABC has decided to abandon college football altogether in favor of cars driving in circles. “The track is kind of O-shaped, you know? So you all could watch anyway,” a network rep would probably comment if I asked. (ABC)


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