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Good morning Buckeye Nation.

Happy Belated Birthday: The home of The Ohio State University Football just turned 91 years young yesterday. Its hard to imagine such a great venue is only 91. One of the best, largest, and noisiest stadiums in the country. There have been many a great game in there, great players battled on the field and great coaches roamed the sidelines and many greats will continue to do so. To me I still remember when there was a track in the ‘Shoe (also got to run on it for a couple of meets). Ever time I enter into the gates of the ‘Shoe I get goosebumps thinking of all the greatness that has been associated with it and I hope she is around for at least another 91 years.

Give it a Break Already: In this weeks morons corner(think i’m really going to start a weekly thing for these idiots) first place prize goes to non other than the infamous Scarlet and Gray loving Matt Hayes from the Sporting News. He claims that Carlos Hyde shouldn’t have played because he hit that girl in the bar. He goes on to basically say that the reason the girl didn’t press charges was because she was afraid of retaliation from Columbus.

Here’s what I don’t understand Matt is how you say Carlos clearly hit the female in question. I guess you know more and seen more than the police and coach Meyer, oh wait that’s right they covered it up I’m sorry. I’m sure that the 3 game suspension that Hyde served was cause he DID assault the young lady. I’m sure that she refused to press charges because of retaliation not the simple fact that it appears she may have assaulted him first.

Why don’t you come down from your ivory tower and let the world know what mistakes you have made when you were young and let morons such as yourself judge you. I’m glad that the mistakes I made weren’t judged by the likes of you since all you know how to do is blow things out proportion.

Sorry this one is short and sweet Buckeye Nation but until next time…

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