Three Yards and a Cloud of Links

Good morning Buckeye Nation.

No W Here: Remember former safety Donte Whitner? You know the hard hitting safety that came from Glenville High School in Cleveland. The one that went in the first round of the 2006 NFL Draft to the Buffalo Bills. Well he is changing his name, thats right he doesn’t want to be called Whitner anymore he wants to be called Donte Hitner. Now that is a name change that I feel is pretty awesome especially since it does define who you are. Donte Hitner has a nice ring to it.

Come on Man: Look I’ll be honest I am one of those bitter Cleveland fans that felt jilted about how Lebron James handled his leaving the Cavs. I have tried to get over it and maybe hoped he came back so the Cleveland faithful can enjoy their favorite team winning a championship. I enjoy the fact Lebron has been a part of Ohio State and his viability with the program helps with recruiting. Here’s where I have a problem. Lebron recently said that if played at least a year of college basketball he would have done so for the Buckeyes. OK that’s cool but would have could have you didn’t but you still big time supporter of my favorite team. Then you go on to say that where ever in the world you are you rock the colors of scarlet and red. Um what? Apparently he doesn’t read our fine blog that reps the true colors of the Buckeyes. So Mr. James I will tell you wherever I go in the world (OK Ohio) I rock the colors of Scarlet and Gray, Brown and Orange, Wine and Gold (you remember those right) and the Navy, Red and White of the Tribe.

OSU vs NW Hype: Since its game day and our Buckeyes will tame the Wildcats tonight I’ll leave you some videos of past game highlights and the four letter networks Hype video for tonight’s game.

2008 Game:

2006 Game:

I’m excited to see the Buckeye fans at Ryan Field tonight to create that home field advantage that the Buckeyes get on the road.

Until next time Buckeye Nation…

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