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STYLE POINTS — WHO NEEDS ‘EM? Urban Meyer certainly doesn’t care about them. This isn’t Dancing with the stars. Tom Herman doesn’t care for them, either:

Do the fans want to see everything they saw in the first quarter in the fourth quarter? Absolutely. Good for them. But it’s not going to happen. We have a responsibility to win the game. We don’t have a resposibility to put up ‘x’ number of points or ‘x’ number of yards. There were certainly very justifiable reasons for approaching the game the way we did there in the fourth quarter

Good for them, indeed. Let’s let the coaches do their and we do our job: support our team and be happy with SEVENTEEN FREAKING STRAIGHT WINS.

WERE THEY WATCHING THE SAME GAME? Football Outsiders ranks Ohio State #5, which is fine, they’re a top five team and all that. They’re also right that Braxton Miller reasserted his position as the starting quarterback of the undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes. They were even on-point highlighting Chris Borland’s outstanding 16-tackle performance. But I’m not in total agreement with their review of Roby’s performance:

With slightly higher stakes on the line Saturday, Roby was back to All-American form against Wisconsin, accounting for eight tackles (one for loss), three passes defended and the only takeaway of the game, a third-quarter interception that set up Ohio State’s final touchdown.

Roby wasn’t the only reason that Jared Abbrederis ran wild to the tune of 200 yards. But he certainly isn’t blameless, either. Am I missing something?

BRAXTON NOT THROWING IN THE HEISMAN TOWEL: This is the kind of thing you have to love to read from a player of Braxton Miller’s caliber, going through what he’s gone through so far this season:

“The way we keep playing as a team as a whole, I feel like there’s all types of awards guys can get during that time,” Miller said. “I’m just going to play my game, keep leading the guys, and hopefully I’ll be looking forward to it after the season.”

I sometimes wonder if Ohio State fans would be okay with Braxton Miller not winning the Heisman as long as Johnny Manziel doesn’t win it and become the second two-time Heisman Trophy Winner. I think we all wanted to see Braxton take home the bronze statue, both because he’s a great Buckeye but also because Archie Griffin’s record needs to stand alone (at least until another Buckeye matches it).

JOHNSTON: AUSTRALIAN FOR PUNTER I have often lamented to Jeremiah that I sure wish Ohio State would look out West (WAY OUT WEST) and recruit some Pacific Islander football players, getting the guys that USC and Utah and the like always seem to find. Give the Buckeyes a little international flair. But let’s not forget Ryan Pretorius, the South African place kicker. And hey, you never know how hard Ohio State will pursue Hjalte Froholdt. But for now, Cameron Johnston will just have to give us our international representation:

Johnston’s grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a trip to American soil. They attended Ohio State’s season opener against Buffalo.

“It was great having them for the first game and they loved it,” Johnston said. “They thought it was a great experience. They’ve never really seen anything like it before.”

AND WHAT NOT: Yeah, you’ll be seeing this in your nightmares.

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