B1G Power Rankings- Week 5

1.) Ohio State (5-0)- Beat Wisconsin 31-24. OSU had a great win over a great team and the atmosphere was electric. This team may be the best team OSU has seen in a very long time if not ever. Let that statement soak in for a few minutes. Yep I said it. The Offense and STs IMO are the best we have ever had. The defense is much better than most want to admit. Coaching is an A+. This team could be very special if they continue to play as they have for the rest of the season.

2.) Northwestern (4-0)- Bye Week. Plays host to The Ohio State University Buckeyes. In what may be a precursor to the actual B1G CCG.

3.) Iowa (4-1)- Beat Minnesota 23-7. Dominated their rivals to win the Floyd of Rosedale Pig Trophy. This team is a 3 point loss to a really good Northern Illinois team to being 5-0. They may very well be the best team in the legends.

4.) Wisconsin (3-2)- Lost to Ohio State 31-24. Wisconsin is a very talented team. Jarred Abbrederis and Chris Borland are All B1G for sure. Joel Stave really impressed me with his ability to make good and quick decisions and passing skills. They are probably the 2nd best team in the B1G right now.

5.) Minnesota (4-1)- Lost to Iowa 23-7. The Gophers didn’t play very well. Only getting 165 yards of offense and 7 points on offense. Their defense didn’t play much better but there is still some hope for the season heading into their match-up with the Wolverines this weekend.

6.) Penn State (3-1)- Bye Week. Plays at Iowa this week.

7.) Illinois (3-1)- Beat Miami of Ohio 50-14. Completely dominated the RedHawks which doesn’t say much but Nathan Scheelhaase has been playing great this year so far.

8.) Nebraska (3-1)- Bye Week. Play against Illinois this week.

9.) Michigan (4-0)- Bye Week. Play against Minnesota this week.

10.) Michigan State (3-1)- Bye Week. Play at Iowa this weekend.

11.) Indiana (2-2)- Bye Week. Play Penn State this week.

12.) Purdue (1-4)- Lost to Northern Illinois 55-24. Another tough loss for the really horrible Boilermakers. It will be impossible for them to move out of last place this season IMO.

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