Three Yards and a Cloud of Links

Good morning Buckeye Nation.

Behind The Scenes: Sports Illustrated Pete Thamel did a “behind the scenes” piece yesterday. He gives us his Ten Lessons on what he encountered with the Buckeyes.

I felt this was a pretty good article just not to happy we will be probably losing OC Tom Herman after this season.

Making Noise: The NCAA released a video on the top five loudest stadiums. The list is as follows:

No. 5: Lane Stadium, Virginia Tech

No. 4: Camp Randall Stadium, Wisconsin

No. 3: Kyle Field, Texas A&M

No. 2: Autzen Stadium, Oregon

No. 1: Tiger Stadium, LSU

As you can see the Horseshoe didn’t make the list. This doesn’t surprise me since the NCAA came out with this list and we all know how much the NCAA loves the Buckeyes.

Special Uni’s: There are stories out there that the Buckeye’s will be wearing rival uniforms against Wisconsin Saturday. They will be wearing the same uniforms they wore against Michigan last season and will have on chrome helmets.

First off if these are rival uniforms how is it you will be wearing them against Wisconsin. Just because they have been getting better this last decade and made the games interesting doesn’t move them to rival territory.

Second whats with the chrome helmet fade? I’m not sure how I feel about this one but apparently Urban Meyer likes the look and when you have a bunch of recruits coming in you try to look sharp.

Memories: Who is upset this guy isn’t the coach of Wisconsin anymore?

Highlights from the 2011 OSU vs. Wisconsin football game

The barn burner that was in last seasons game

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  1. I’ve never been to those other stadiums, but I’ve been in the ‘Shoe in 1998 when we beat Meatchicken and in 2005 when we lost to Texas, and I can attest I have never been in an environment louder than that in my life. It was a loudness that you felt, deep in your chest, that rattled your bones. It was awesome.

    Of course, I’ve also been in the ‘Shoe in 1998 when MSU beat us and I’ve never heard 100 thousand people quieter, either.

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