B1G Power Rankings- Week 4

I should probably remind all of you reading this that Power Rankings is based more on the weeks games than the whole season. Before I get any hate mail from Michigan fans please know this your team is not good right now and is struggling in all aspects of the game. Maybe they will get better or maybe they wont. Lucky for them they get a Bye this week to try and fix their gluttony of issues.

1.) Ohio State (4-0)- Beat Florida A&M 76-0. We didn’t learn much from this game except that OSU doesn’t play down to their weaker opponents like another B1G team does.

2.) Northwestern (4-0)- Beat Maine 35-21. Uhh that score is not exactly what I expected to see. Were the the Wildcats looking ahead to the OSU match-up next week? For their sake they better hope so.

3.) Wisconsin (3-1)- Beat Purdue 41-10. Wisconsin played typical Badger Ball rushing for all kinds of yards and TDs. They played great defense and overwhelmed Purdue all game long.

4.) Minnesota (4-0)- Beat San Jose State 43-24. The Gophers used a freshman QB to the tune of 150+ yards and 4 TDs on the ground to beat the Spartans.

5.) Penn State (3-1)- Beat Kent State 34-0. Christian Hackenberg had a horrible game but luckily the running game carried the offense and the defense held KSU to under 200 yards and no points.

6.) Iowa (3-1)- Beat Western Michigan 59-3. The Hawkeyes had 2 INTs for TDs and 2 punt returns for TDs to dominate this game against a horrible team.

7.) Illinois (2-1)- They were on a Bye last week.

8.) Nebraska (3-1)- Beat South Dakota St. 59-20. Nebraska overcame a bad 1st qtr to blow out the Jack Rabbits. They played without Taylor Martinez and didnt miss a beat on offense and managed to play somewhat better on defense.

9.) Michigan (4-0)- Beat UConn 24-21. Michigan needed a massive 4th qtr comeback to win against a horrible Huskies team. The second week in a row the team needed to comeback late to beat a hapless opponent. No part of this team says impressive to me.

10.) Michigan State (3-1)- Lost to Notre Dame 17-13. The Spartans defense is the best in the country. The Spartans offense is likely the worst in the country. If they could score just a couple of points to help the defense they might be a good team.

11.) Indiana (2-2)- Lost to Missouri 45-28. Indiana has a great offense and a horrible defense. If Indiana and MSU could merge teams they would make a NC caliber team.

12.) Purdue (1-3)- Lost to Wisconsin 41-10. Purdue is going to struggle all year. Darrell Hazell has no talent and isn’t getting the recruiting bump he needs to land better talent. His system can work but he needs time and talent.


  1. Jere,
    The ghost of Tom Harmon wants its jersey back. Whatever else is going on, Devin is not channeling Tom.

    Also, too. The Wolverines looked really slow and sluggish against UConn. Not a good look for them

    • I agree 10000%…. TTUN is not very good right now and I dont think they have the bench players to fix their many issues. I said before the season they were a 5-8 loss team. That ND win will help a lot avoid a horrible season but they will lose 4 games still.

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