MotSaG Top 25 Poll- Week 4

1.) Clemson
2.) Alabama
3.) Ohio State
4.) Oregon
5.) Florida State
6.) Stanford
7.) Louisville
8.) LSU
9.) Oklahoma State
10.) Northwestern
11.) Oklahoma
12.) Miami Hurricanes
13.) UCLA
14.) Washington
15.) Texas A&M
16.) Georgia
17.) South Carolina
18.) Florida
19.) Wisconsin
20.) Baylor
21.) Texas Tech
22.) Ole Miss
23.) Fresno State
24.) Northern Illinois
25.) Maryland

– Teams falling out of the Top 25 include Michigan, Michigan State, and Arizona State. Michigan State lost a close game to Notre Dame but further showed they have zero offense. Arizona State lost to a very good Stanford team and will most likely be back in the top 25 soon. Michigan for the 2nd week in a row narrowly escaped with a come from behind win against an awful team. Until they prove they are worthy of a top 25 ranking they can sit outside the rankings at no. 26.

– Teams moving into the Top 25 include Fresno State, Northern Illinois, and Maryland. For me the most surprising team in that list is Maryland. Maryland easily handled the UConn team that Michigan needed a miracle to beat and destroyed West Virginia 37-0 to go to 4-0 on the season.

– Most of the Top 25 didnt change at all because well it was a horrible week of games. No marquee match-ups to speak about. Most of the teams clobbered less talented cupcakes.

– On to the next week where we can only hope for better match-ups and better games.

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