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This week I found daRattler from Rattler Nation for our weekly Q&A. I know right Florida A&M has a blogger kind of surprising but I’m glad daRattler answered the call. I have to say this was the hardest Q&A for me because I can’t take this game seriously. Nothing against the FAMU players or coaches because they have more talent than myself. This game concerns me for the FAMU players I fear they are going to get physically hurt for a big paycheck. I know the Rattler players are going to play their hearts out and give it their all I just hope in the end all the players leave the field healthy.

MotSaG: Looking at your team stats one thing that sticks out to me is that your rushing defense gives up 201 YPG but your passing defense is only giving up an amazing 120.3 YPG. Are you looking forward to trying to shut down Ohio States passing game?

Rattler Nation: Great questions. Our first year head coach and his staff have implemented a new offense and defensive scheme and we our guys are still making adjustments. What we are still seeing are the growing pains. Though we’d like to win every game we suit up for, our real season starts when MEAC conference play begins.

MotSaG: What do you think of Carlos Hyde coming back for the Buckeyes in the backfield joining that talented tandem?

Rattler Nation: Carlos should have a great day, if not a personal best, given our defenses difficulty in stopping the run.

MotSaG: Do you feel the Rattlers will be overwhelmed or shell shocked in the beginning walking through the ‘Shoe?

Rattler Nation: Neither. The Rattlers are no strangers to the big stage. The Rattlers regularly play in front of large stadiums and in front of large crowds, though none in the triple digits.

MotSaG: What are you looking forward to the most Saturday?

Rattler Nation: The return trip home.

MotSaG: What is your concern?

Rattler Nation: That OSU’s check won’t clear. : ) No seriously, I hope that none of our guys get too banged up, and that the game doesn’t get too out of hand early. We need to keep it decent for about a quarter.

MotSaG: What is the strength of your offense?

Rattler Nation: Honestly, I’m still trying to figure that out myself. From a performance sandpoint, thus far, this Rattler offense has failed to meet expectations.

MotSaG: Some key players Buckeyes need to keep an eye on for the Rattlers?

Rattler Nation: I can’t tell you our secrets. We want to sneak up on yah.

MotSaG: Does it bother you that FAMU has scored 54 points all season and OSU just scored 52 this past weekend against Cal?

Rattler Nation: Not at all.

MotSaG: Do you feel that bigger programs need to stop scheduling smaller schools like the national media is begging?

Rattler Nation: No. I think the national media just needs an issue, and this one seems to be the issue of the moment. I think coaches and conferences know best about how to handle their schedules and they seem to be doing a great job of scheduling. And, theirs already a system for penalizing teams with too many cupcakes. It’s called strength of schedule. No coach wants sports writers or reports putting together their schedules. None.

MotSaG: Why isn’t your band joining the team this weekend?

Rattler Nation: After a year’s hiatus and stringent new requirements to be in the band, and no recruiting of bandsmen for the past two years, this band is taking a year to rebuild and return to its former self. Don’t get me wrong, we’re glad to have the Marching 100 back, but this band, though still good, is a shell of its former self. Schedule us next year, and we will bring the “Marching 100”, America’s Band, to show the Buckeyes just who the Best Dam Band in the Land really is.

Here’s the link to our sports information department game notes:

I would like to thank daRattler of Rattler Nation for taking the time and working with me on this weeks Q&A. Please go and check out his site and the great work they do not only on sports but covering everything about Rattler Nation.

If you want to get involved and have questions about upcoming opponents feel free to send them in to me and I can send them on. Email your questions to AskMotSaG@gmail.com or MotSaG@gmail.com. Would love to know your thoughts on this post and hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Id be a little more worried about their players getting hurt with how hard hyde is going to run

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