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Good morning Buckeye Nation.

Sweet Retaliation: Apparently a TTUN fan decided to spend his own money (approx. 3,000 dollars) by skywriting over Spartan Stadium before their match up versus Youngstown St. MSU Alumni Association Executive Director Scott Westerman was bothered by the stunt of seeing “GoBlue” above their stadium. His response was a great one.

To my Spartan friends and family:

A University of Michigan fan payed $3,000 to have a skywriter paint this over Spartan Stadium today. I’m all for school spirit, but the sheer cost of this momentary chest beating gives the unfortunate perception of malice. That’s not what Spartans are about and I don’t believe it’s what true UofM alumni are all about. Will you help me show Wolverines everywhere what we can do with $3,000? This is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. As many of you know, Colleen is a two time survivor, one of hundreds in our state who are fighting this silent killer. Will you consider making a $10-$50 contribution to the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance (which is based in Ann Arbor) and say that it’s coming from a supporter of Michigan State University?

Whatever we raise over the next week, I will challenge my counterpart at the UofM alumni association to inspire his members to match.

Here is the link:

Let’s show the world what Leaders, Lifesavers and World Changers do. Help me make this one go viral.

Here is where this story gets awesome, Sparty fans have raised more than 9,000 dollars for Ovarian Cancer. That is a job well done Spartan fans.

Wednesdays: I came across this video and wanted to share it with you seemed very interesting to me in what The Ohio State football coaches and school are doing to help the student athlete for a post collegiate career. Seems during the spring the team and school bring in different guest speakers representing different industries and fields in the real world and they hold job fairs for the students.

This is a great program and shows that the Buckeyes are trying to help the athletes prepare for their future.

Hoops time: In case you didn’t know this but men’s college basketball starts next week!! The first official practice “midnight madness” occurs on Sept 27th, 2013 this year.

To get you ready I’ll bring you some basketball links.

Athlon Sports came out with their Top 50 coaches for 2013-2014. They picked a Big Ten coach for number 1, Tom Izzo the Michigan State Spartans head coach.

Ohio States Thad Matta was picked as the 9th best.

More often than not, Matta has had the most talented roster in the Big Ten, especially since the Thad Five led the Buckeyes to the national championship game in 2007. The Buckeyes have advanced to the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament in four consecutive seasons, though the 2011 team that stalled in the Sweet 16 was a major postseason disappointment. In 13 seasons as a head coach at Xavier, Butler and Ohio State, Matta has claimed at least a share of a regular season title an astounding eight times.

It’s great having Thad on the bench coaching the Buckeyes even if he picked his gum off the ground and put it back in his mouth.

T.V. Shakeup: Former Running Rebel Greg Anthony and former Buckeye Clark Kellogg will be switching spots. Anthony will be doing the color commentary for the games while Kellogg moves back into the studio but will still do commentary for regular season games.

CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus said Monday that “we believe this shuffling of our lineup allows both Greg and Clark to play more to their individual strengths.”

I’m sorry to hate anything about a former Buckeye but Kellogg was starting to get annoying making up words and trying to be hip. He will be better in the studio.

Intros Ready: Ohio State Men’s basketball team tweeted a pic of the video shoot that will be used for opening intro’s and other opportunities this season.

Also here is some video I found on youtube:

Finally: I am going to leave you with just one fan’s opinion. Nebraska athletic director and is trying to put to rest the whole Bo Pelini saga that has been going into high gear this week. For those of you not familiar He dropped a bunch off F Bombs after their come from behind win over the Buckeyes TWO years ago and today its a big deal. Also he and former Nebraska great Tommy Frasier are going at it in the media. I’m not going to put up the link to the audio of the foul language cause that’s not what MotSaG is about.

Many are wishing Bo Pelini would replace Luke Fickel as the defensive coordinator for Ohio State I am not one of those fans. I don’t believe Fickel needs to be removed but if he happens to move on to another job being a head coach somewhere I still wouldn’t want Pelini as our defensive coordinator. If his strength is suppose to be defense explain to me why his Cornhuskers are so terrible at it. Also as far as his foul mouth rant from TWO years ago all I can say is in my opinion us Buckeye fans know what it is like to see words from the past come back and bite us in the rear. It is my understanding (no proof but just rumors around the web and sports talk) that Pelini thought he was out of Lincoln and heading to Columbus thankfully we got a better coach and person in Urban Meyer.

Until next time Buckeye Nation…


  1. An update to the Spartan Ovarian Cancer Campaign is they have raised 27,000 and counting. Hats off to Sparty Nation great job.

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