Three Yards and a Cloud of Links

Good morning Buckeye Nation.

Scarlet and Gray invasion: Saturday’s game against Cal in Strawberry Canyon didn’t seem like an away game except for the California Golden Bear logo’s on the field. Doug Lesmerises of has a great post about the fan turnout and an awesome video that shows you how big the Scarlet and Gray invasion was and the O-H-I-O chant in California Memorial Stadium. Buckeye Nation is the best.

Players Response: I decided to look and see if any Cal fans or players had anything to say about the Scarlet and Gray invasion even checked out Cal message boards. Sunday it seems the fans weren’t to upset with the fact they were over run by buckeye fans but they were upset that The Best Damn Band in The Land was playing past each snap. Many were wondering why penalties weren’t called. Seems weird to me I would be more embarrassed that the visiting team turned it into a home game.

Seems Cal wide receiver Brye Treggs felt that way and took to twitter:

He even issued a challenge:

Keep doing what you do Buckeye fans make the home games awesome as usually and turn the away game into home games.

Back in the News: Seems former QB and center of Tattoo Gate Scandal Terrelle Pryor had some strong words about Ohio State after his victory over Jacksonville Sunday. Pryor says he was booted out of the school and the Buckeyes don’t accept him anymore. He claims he’s not bitter and hopes they win the championship this year.

I am going to take the high road today and wish Terrelle nothing but success for his future. I don’t want to dig up the past I just want to move on like everyone else has done. Terrelle thank you for what you did on the field for the Buckeyes and Good Luck.

Agree with Saban: I don’t know how many of you watched the Texas A&M/Alabama game Saturday but there was an incident that really boggled my mind and I’m sure everyone in the nation even if we knew the rule and penalty. Safety Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix was called for targeting and ejected from the game replay showed he wasn’t targeting and he was clearly going for the ball. I’m not complaining that the officials aired on the side of caution but I agree with Alabama head coach Nick Saban on the reversal of the 15 yard penalty also.

Replay worked and showed the athlete was clearly not targeting and he got to stay in the game the 15 yard penalty should be overturned also in those cases. No team should be able to get free yardage from an honest officiating mistake and really it wasn’t a mistake on the official when they are told to err on the side of caution and if its close call it for the sake of players safety.

Speaking of making mistakes: I unfortunately didn’t get to see the end of the Arizona State/Wisconsin game but it seems the officials blew that one.

Jeremy Fowler of CBSsports talks about how the PAC-12 officials botched the call.

Cases like this need the replay in my opinion one loss can kill a season and human error shouldn’t ruin these kids chances to play on a big stage at the end of the season.They work to hard and dedicate to much of their time for other people who don’t seem to know whats going on to ruin it for them. It’s a shame the game ended this way you never know they could have been able to kick a field goal with the time that was suppose to be left and walked away with a win but they go home with a loss after other officials admit the call was botched.

Until next time Buckeye Nation…

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