MotSaG Top 25 Poll- Week 3

What a week of college football am I right? Do you get the feeling their isn’t a dominant team in CFB this year? Sure Bama has 2 games under their belt one where the offense played like crap and one where the defense played like crap. Oregon may have the best team that no one will ever get to watch play. Clemson is still the best team in the country IMO and I still don’t know if they deserve the prestige. So we have another fluid week in the rankings so here goes nothing.

1.) Clemson
2.) Alabama
3.) Ohio State
4.) Oregon
5.) Florida State
6.) Stanford
7.) Louisville
8.) LSU
9.) Oklahoma State
10.) Northwestern
11.) Oklahoma
12.) Miami Hurricanes
13.) UCLA
14.) Washington
15.) Texas A&M
16.) Georgia
17.) South Carolina
18.) Florida
19.) Wisconsin
20.) Baylor
21.) Michigan
22.) Michigan State
23.) Texas Tech
24.) Ole Miss
25.) Arizona State

– Teams leaving the rankings…. Nebraska and Tennessee and Notre Dame. Nebraska has a defensive issue like no other and that loss to UCLA was flat shameful. Tennessee was crushed by Oregon and although improved still a ways away from being fully back. Notre Dame loss to a inconsistent Michigan team last week and nearly lost to a woeful Purdue this week.

– Teams entering the rankings… Texas Tech, Ole Miss, and Arizona State. All 3 teams are off to a great start. They will have plenty of chances to prove they belong in the top 25 this year.

– Which conference is the best in the country? PAC 12 is making a strong case right now. The SEC is strong as well. The B1G is making fools of themselves already avoiding the long wait till January 1st to do it. ACC is strong at the top but after that blah. Big 12 is well I don’t really know Oklahoma and Okie State seem good but the rest are awful.

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