Three Yards and a Cloud of Links

Good morning Buckeye Nation.

Today we will do a quick road trip edition since the Buckeyes are experiencing their first road trip of the season.

Da Plane Boss: The west coast is being invaded by the Buckeye football team.

Practice Field: Mike Vrable tweeted out a picture of the “field” the Buckeyes used for a walk through last night. Nice to see the Buckeyes travel with their own Scarlet “Field”

To Close for Comfort: Buckeye Nation was all a buzz on twitter last night when reporters where waiting for the football team to arrive at their hotel in Oakland. 20-30 minutes before the players arrived gun shots rang out, Columbus ABC6 Clay Hall was taping a piece he was doing in front of the hotel, you could hear the gun fire and then see a possible person of interest run by. There appears to be an injury with a cab driver getting hit in the leg thankfully no other serious injuries.

Better Hurry: Seeing the Top 5 ranked Buckeyes invade the California Memorial Stadium doesn’t excited California fans? Seems according to their college athletics website there are less than a thousand tickets available for todays game. If you hurry maybe you could grab some tickets and a decent flight and make it out there.

Until next time Buckeye Nation…

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