Friday Open Thread: Cal

osuHelmetOhio State hits the road for the first time this year, heading out west to take on Pac-12 opponent Cal.

Cal will bring its Bear-Raid offense to contend with the Silver Bullets of the Buckeye defense.

Links of interest:

We took a look at how these two teams match-up, strictly from a statistical point of view in our weekly post, By The Numbers.

Ronnie looked at the players to watch.

Ronnie also previewed the Cal matchup.

Shannon had a chance to sit down with ShawnXT of for our weekly opponent Q&A.

So here’s a chance at another open thread to discuss whatever is on your mind for the Cal game. Score predictions, players of the game, how many times Gus Johnson loses his mind after a play by Dontre Wilson. Let’s hear your take on the game.


  1. I’ll kick this off again. I think with the quick pace offenses from both of these teams, we’ll see a lot of yards and a lot of scoring.

    OSU: 52
    Cal: 23

    I also think Gus Johnson blows a gasket by the 2nd quarter.

  2. I don’t see this being anywhere near being a close game…. If it is OSU has big problems.

    OSU: 45
    CAL: 12

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