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Certainly by now, you’ve all heard about the Sports Illustrated piece detailing multiple scandals related to the Oklahoma State football program. Our own beloved Buckeye program is no stranger to scandal and accusation itself, so I’m certainly not going to pile on the Cowboys. Instead, I’ll pile on everybody else in this week’s special Schadenfreude Edition of the TV Guide!



TCU at Texas Tech. A couple of years ago, TCU got into a bit of mess involving drugs and football players, including a surprise drug test that one player implied most of the team had (or should have) failed. Texas Tech, possibly looking to save some money and siding with the infamous Craig James, fired head coach Mike Leach over player abuse that probably didn’t happen. (ESPN)



Air Force at Boise State. In 1965, at least 30 football players at the Air Force Academy were involved in a massive cheating scandal, no doubt riled up by rebellious Rock and Roll hits like “Leader of the Pack” and “I Feel Fine.” More recently, Boise State was hit with penalties over what appear to be pretty minor recruiting violations. (ESPN)



Fresno State at Colorado. As many as 24 Fresno State players were implicated in a welfare fraud investigation a couple years ago. Colorado was buried under an avalanche of rape allegations under coach Gary Barnett, including one by the school’s own kicker, Katie Hnida. (Pac 12 Network)


Boston College at USC. Boston College suspended 13 players in 1996 for gambling on college and professional sports. At least two of the players had placed bets against Boston College. Something happened at USC, you probably never heard of it. (Pac 12 Network)


Alabama at Texas A&M. Big-time, historic programs tend to have more than their share of scandals. That’s certainly true for Alabama, who have had more black eyes than can really be summarized here. Besides the ticking infractions timebomb that is Johnny Manziel, former Texas A&M coach Jackie Sherrill was practically synonymous with cheating in the 1980s. (CBS)


Ohio State at California. As far as I can tell, both of these programs are squeaky clean and always have been. (Fox)


Notre Dame at Purdue. In 2010, Lizzy Seeberg committed suicide 10 days after reporting being raped by a Notre Dame football player. In that brief time, Seeberg received threatening text messages from other Notre Dame players. What she didn’t receive was any indication that Notre Dame was interested in investigating the case. I don’t have anything for Purdue, I just wanted you to read those stories about Seeberg. (ABC)

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