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Good morning Buckeye Nation.

Show Me The Money: Fox Sports has said they want to be an active participant to get the broadcasting rights to the Big Ten. Mike Muluihill the vice president of programming was quoted as saying:

“I think when the time comes, we will certainly be an active participant in next round of Big Ten rights talks,” Mulvihill said. “Clearly we have a majority interest in the Big Ten Network. We have an ongoing relationship with the conference with the Big Ten Championship Game. I think the relationship between our management and Big Ten Conference management is exceptionally strong. I expect that we’ll be a very active participant in those discussions.”

Personally I think this will be great even though Fox Sports owns like 51 percent of the Big Ten Network. The B1G current deal expires after 2016 and that four letter network will have the $EC network started which hopefully they can’t afford the Tier 1 games just so I could listen to Gus Johnson screaming as only he does at the end of a Buckeye win.

Just Throwing Money Away: The owner of the Miami Dolphins (who are going to start 0-1 after losing to my Browns) has money to waste. Stephen Ross is giving scUM 200 million dollars.

“The University of Michigan had a profound impact on my life and I have received enormous satisfaction from being able to give back to the institution that played such a critical role in my success,” Ross said in a statement.

Oh sorry having a Breaking Bad moment and I’m just laying on a storage room filled stacked bills. There is other ways to waste 200 million like burn it, bury it, heck even send it to space. Oh wait here’s one even better replace the current scUM football team with the Dolphins so you might have a chance at beating The Ohio State!!! Nope Buckeyes will still kick butt. Go Buckeyes!!

He’s No Urban Meyer: Seems the head coach of the Texas Longhorns football team is catching some flack. Mack Brown and company dropped the ball on trying to get Jamies Winston into their program. Seems Winston who is now the quarterback of Florida State and he really wanted to go play for the Longhorns.

Jameis Winston put his name on the map with his first game versus Mark May Pitt by going 25 for 27 and passing for 4 touchdowns and running one in. I’m not sure what Mack and company are doing in Texas but I say keep up the good work so you can watch all the good players play elsewhere like the Buckeyes will be able to see Demetrius Knox (Texas decommitment and has committed to Ohio State) wear the Scarlet and Gray next season.

Final Walk: This was awesome to see, last week Zach Boren was on the outside looking in till Urban Meyer seen him. Boren who like other former Buckeyes went to Columbus to show his support to his former team and players plus deep inside he wanted to relive being a Buckeye player again.

“I was definitely sad,” Boren said. “I wanted to be on the other side of the ropes. I wanted to be with those guys.”

Coach Meyer seen Boren shook his hand and gave him a hug then lowered the rope to have him join his former team for one last walk to the ‘Shoe. This is what the 2012 season was about, the closeness the players felt for the Scarlet and Gray and the love they had for their coach and his in return to them.

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  1. First, great job! The only two things I have is that Winston only passed for 4 touchdowns last week (he ran for 1) and that you have a typo in Urban’s name in the Boren section. Other than that, keep ’em coming!

  2. Thank You for pointing out flaws *goes to corner*. *Note to self: Stop skimming articles* hahahaThanks for checking it out and glad you enjoyed Christopher

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