MotSaG is looking for a Video/.Gif editor

We here at MotSaG are in need of someone or a few people who have the ability to make high quality (we will settle for decent quality lol) highlight films and .Gifs for our site. The person/people must have a love for Ohio State because that is why we do what we do. They must also be able to provide some basic knowledge through giving us examples of their work.

The duties will include weekly highlight recap videos of the Buckeye games and hype videos during the off-season. You will probably also be asked to make .Gifs for the enjoyment of mocking as many other teams as we can and to further build our reader base. The ability to write posts is also appreciated but not mandatory for this position.

The compensation package will include fame and no fortunes. Although if you live near our famous leader Tony (@i_aint_yer_pa) he will occasionally share half his Groupons over lunch or dinner.

If you are interested at all in doing this for our site you can reply to this thread or you can contact us here.

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