25 best Ohio State based Twitter accounts

So Athlon recently came out with their list of the 100 best College Football based Twitter accounts to follow. What it did was lead me to make a joke on twitter about making a top 100 Ohio State based Twitter accounts post. After a few of my followers poked and needled me I agreed to try and do it. this list is completely arbitrary and my own opinion which means it is perfect and without flaw.

1.) @GerdOzone Tony Gerdeman is the perfect blend of information, comedy, snarkyness, and trolling. The best thing about Tony? To me it is that he will interact with anyone and everyone every time you tweet to him. He has built a cult like following and I have declared myself as his fan club President. If you aren’t following Gerd then you are doing Twitter wrong.

2.) @i_aint_yer_pa- Tony Rice is the GodFather of Ohio State blogging. He also happens to post the funniest and strangest things you may ever see. Yes, I am completely biased.

3.) @KyleRowland- Kyle Rowland has the audience and fan base every OSU site wants in Eleven Warriors and the skills to boot. He is a wonderful writer and gives out lots of info.

4.) @Ramzy– Ramzy Nasrallah is one of the better writers in sports let alone for an OSU based site in Eleven Warriors. His greatest strength though may be his ability to battle media trolls who attack OSU or its fans and make them look like idiots.

5.) @MarkPantoni- What is there to say about this man. His tweets are like a great conspiracy novel with fans trying to read into everyone of them to see if he is hinting to a new recruit.

6.) @PDBuckeyes- I doubt most of us know how to pronounce Doug Lesmerises last name and without copy and paste no way I could spell it correctly. He gives us fans so much info and always seems to have good scoops.

7.) @BuckeyeNotes- What more is there to say Jerry Emig is the mothpiece of the Ohio State football team and program. If he tweets it then it is gospel and not a rumor.

8.) @TIM_MAYsports Tim is a longtime stalwart at the Dispatch but a relatively newbie to Twitter. He has picked up tweeting quickly and finds a way to make indy Racing sound entertaining.

9.) @BCastOzone- Brandon Castel would be higher on this list if not for taking a few months off this year to do a “Real Job”. He is knowledgeable and a great writer and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when you read his writings.

10.) @LoriSchmidt Lori Schmidt isnt on this list because she is a woman she is on here because she is a dang good follow and her interactions with her fans is top notch.

Here is the rest of the top 25 without all the butt kissing remarks and explanations.

11.) @JeffBoals
12.) @brdispatch
13.) @steakNstiffarms
14.) @11W
15.) @BeauBishop
16.) @Birm
17.) @Jason_Kint
18.) @BenAxelrod
19.) @11W_Michael
20.) @SpinnerShells @GG_40 @Nicki_07
21.) @JeffSvoboda
22.) @RappUp
23.) @BlackStripeBlog
24.) @MarcusHartman
25.) @Jbook37

Honorable Mention @alexgleitman and @MChungOZone and @The_BBC

Well as you can see I made it to the Top 25 before I stopped. I am sure I missed on a lot of great people but this list is a wide variety of OSU twitter accounts. This list is meant to be debated and I hope all of you will do that in the comments. I specifically left off motsagers except for Tony because well just because. I wish there were more females on the list and I think I may have missed some notable ones. What say you feel free to add or take away from my list.


  1. I already see several names I wish I would have included…. Michael Chung of the Ozone for sure…. and Alex Gleitman of Bucknuts

  2. But who are the top 5? As in, who are the top ( however many ) to come with breaking news first on Twitter? I’m sure some share my interest in avoiding dups and keeping the feed looking clean. This week I saw Billy Price to O-line twenty times. I like everyone’s take on what every scrap of news means but I already visit the websites anyway.

  3. From my basketball centered perspective, @MikeYoung11W and @JordanWagner11W are indispensable…now that @ZachFleerSM is now in charge of covering Ohio State recruiting for @LandGrant33, he’s held in that regard by myself, too…

  4. I didn’t make the cut……………

    I guess, better luck next time…


  5. I only have OVER 4,300 followers, no big deal Jeremiah, LOL!

  6. I guess Block O Nation took this personally lol he blocked me for not putting him on the list….

    • He blocks everyone who is not impressed with his follower size! No loss. It is about the quality not quantity. Good picks! Go Bucks!!

  7. I would move Axekrod, blackstripeblog, and jbook37 up higher.

  8. Totally not that Jeff guy says

    That Jeff guy that started The BBC should be on here

  9. Mike Smith says

    Go over to the ozone off topic forum and you’ll think twice about ranking anyone from that site at the top. It’s an embarrasement to Ohio State sports.

  10. Great list of tweeters. We could go all day adding to this list. @BuckeyeEmpire and his crew are a great follow for laughs and snark. Agreed by most… “Size doesn’t matter” in this case. I would have questioned your opinion if it had and you added that one!

    • Thanks for stopping by Angie… Yeah there are a ton of people I could and should add to this list… I could go to 1000 easily. Block O Nation wouldnt make that list either 🙂

  11. I personally like @bucksinsider the best. But that’s just me I guess.

  12. Chung is GOD awful….

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