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osuHelmetThe center position is very important for the offense to function smoothly. A center has a huge role in the offense. The center has to be on top of his game the entire game because one turnover off a bad snap can cost a game. Most of Ohio State’s offense is in the shotgun formation so the center has to snap the ball a couple yards. Bad snaps can lead to a lot of busted plays or Buckeye fans can see Braxton Miller make something out of nothing.

Last Year Performance:

Corey Linsley is the returning center for the Buckeyes. Last year he had a very solid year. There was no issue where snaps were consistently flying over Miller’s head or going wide. Linsley does a good job on getting the snap back and sticking on a block. Him and Miller have good chemistry so Buckeye fans aren’t expecting any problems at the center position.

Looking at the Depth:

Corey Linsley (6-3 297)- Linsley is entering his senior season (red-shirt). He has been with the program for five years now and is going to be a huge piece on the offensive line. Corey was named honorable mention all Big Ten Conference. He is also a three year letter-winner. There is no doubt he will be the starter for the Buckeyes.


Jacoby Boren (6-2 287)- Jacoby is entering his sophomore season. He is a valuable backup and brings great depth to the center position. He may be the next guy up next season when Linsley is gone. Jacoby is the third Boren brother to play at Ohio State. His brother, Justin and Zach were both great players.

Pat Elfein (6-2 293)- Pat is going into his freshman year (red shirt). He sat most of the 2012 season due to a foot injury. Pat is the Buckeye’s third deep center. Pat has also had some reps at right tackle. Elfein was rated the 22nd guard by ESPNU.


  1. […] Corey Linsley (while currently fighting an injury) will start at center, flanked by Marcus Hall and Andrew Norwell. The left side of that line is going to be, as they say, NASTY. […]

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