Urban Meyer Press Conference (Video)

Today after practice Coach Meyer talked to the media and discussed several players situations. He made it clear that Blake Thomas, Adam Griffin, and Jamie Woods careers are over. Also discussed some of the players who will be suspended. He went into some depth chart issues and talked about the freshman…


  1. Charles L. Wolfe says

    I don’t see OSU repeating last years success. They were lucky & had nothing to loose. Their strongest opponent UW, never got back on track after all the termoil with QB’s & coaches. They still gave Stanford all they could handle. The OSU defense gave up an average of 22.3 points per game. Not the kind of numbers that will bring a BIG 10 or National Champianship this year. I see at least 2 losses. It takes more then a lot of helmet stars to win football games.

  2. So every single team that has gone undefeated before Ohio State wasn’t lucky? They were just the better team every time they stepped on the field? Notre Dame was pretty lucky last year. Is that taking anything away from their run? Not at all because they can still hold a 12-1 record to their name. The more you practice the luckier you get. Luck in sports is not what it may be considered in the everyday world. Luck is earned in sports like football.

    Wisconsin was a train wreck before the season even got started last year. They gave Stanford everything they could handle because they matched up well with Stanford. You can’t just throw out that as a reference without considering how good of a match-up that game was for Wisconsin. Match-ups can make or break a game. Wisconsin loved to grind out games on the ground, as did Stanford last year, so of course they gave them a run for their money, just like they did against Ohio State, but in the end loss either way. Almost only counts in horseshoes and with hand grenades.

    Yes the defense was awful last year, but I can’t remember the last time a team had back to back years where their statistics were exactly the same either. The defense is completely different this year. No player just picks up a completely different system in a year. Almost every position group was asked to do something faster and more complicated last year than they had to under the previous coaching regime. Please show me a team where a new coaching staff brings in NFL type coverages and blitz packages and the players picked it up right away and excelled at it. Even the almighty Nick Saban in his first year didn’t go undefeated at Alabama and I’m sure a lot of that had to do with the players not understanding what the coaches wanted them to do.

    If you see two losses put them up. Break down the match up and make your points as to where they will come. Anyone can throw out a vague prediction, but I challenge you to pick the games and break them down and explain why OSU will lose.

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