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Urban Meyer and his staff have been recruiting the New Jersey/New York area as hard if not harder then any other area in the US including Ohio. They have had success already in the area landing star HS recruits and will have some in the very near future and likely will in the 2015 class as well. I recently interviewed one of those potential young men in 2015 recruit Minkah Fitzpatrick. Minkah is a 6’0″ 185 lbs 4 star Cornerback from Jersey City, New Jersey. 247sports ranks him a 4 star and the 38th best prospect in the country. Scout ranks him a 4 star and the 76th best recruit in the country. ESPN ranks him a 4 star and the 38th best recruit in the country. I think Ohio State has a great chance with this kid and his talent is undeniable. Here is his interview for your reading pleasure.


SYR- If you could please tell us about your home life… Parents, brothers and/or sisters, where you were born, Have you always lived in in the same place?

Minkah- I was born in New Brunswick NJ, raised in South River NJ until I was 5 then I moved to Old Bridge but I actually attend school in Jersey City, NJ. I live with both my parents and my brother Justice sisters Destiny, Promise and Devine.

SYR- Can you give us your current stats such as height, weight, 40 yard time, bench press, etc?

Minkah- Sure, I am 6′ 186lbs. I ran three laser 40 ‘s in a three week span 4.4 4.67 4.48. Bench press 285 my vertical is 37.4 and my shuttle ranges from 3.91 to 4.06.

SYR- Tell us a little bit about your HS FB team such as record and defensive and offensive style.

Minkah- Last years record was 9-2. Our offensive style will be different this year because we have a different type of players ( wait and see!!) Defense is always fast and physical.

SYR- What are your goals for the upcoming season?


SYR- What college football team did you grow up being a fan of and why?

Minkah- Growing up College football was big in my house and there was a lot of teams I loved to follow, one that stands out was the Gators ( Tim Tebow)..

SYR- You have offers from all over the country which one was the most exciting for you to get and why?

Minkah- That’s a tough one some of them stand out for different reasons. My first from Rutgers my freshman year because they are my home state and they see you the most its good to know they want you. Then I would say Ohio State because Urban Meyer coached my Gator team that I really liked a lot and he’s a great coach. And recently LSU because they are known for great secondary. But each one I felt really blessed.

SYR- Who would you say is your personal hero and why?

Minkah- My family

SYR- If you were going to die tomorrow what would your final meal be?

Minkah- I love all food.

SYR- Who do you think you compare to most in the NFL or College right now?

Minkah- I’ve been told Dee Milliner & Richard Sherman.

SYR- Who is your favorite College player of all time? And favorite NFL player of all time if different from College?

Minkah- Favorite College would be Patrick Peterson. Favorite NFL would be Deion Sanders.

SYR- Do you have a top 5 yet and if yes who are they?

Minkah- No I’m not going to make my top 5 until I get out to the Midwest ,Florida & LSU.

SYR- Do you currently have a leader?

Minkah- No but I have schools that I’ve been to that I know I will go back to.

SYR- Do you know when you would like to announce your commitment, if yes, when?

Minkah- No

SYR- What would you like Buckeye Nation to know about you that they most likely don’t already know?

Minkah- I never shy from competition. Its probably the only thing I can’t say no to. LOL

You can follow Minkah on twitter by clicking @minkfitz_21

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