Ohio State Media Day 8-11-2013

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Today in Columbus it was media day, players took team pictures, coaches and players talked with the media.

Head Coach Urban Meyer held an almost 21 minute press conference which can be seen in its entirety courtesy of ohiostatebuckeyes.com

Coach Meyer said the is team moving to Ackerman Fields for practice and how the Buckeyes will have nine practices in 6 days and how the 2013 Ohio State Buckeyes will be determined by this weeks practice. Entering his 27th season as a coach likes the way the NCAA is handling player safety and its a struggle trying to schedule the practices and keeping the players healthy. Says they expect an B1G official to visit either Monday or Tuesday about the new rule changes on tackling and had one incident in the scrimmage yesterday where an official said player would have been ejected. The Buckeyes made a copy and sent to league for review and expects to here about the play when the official visits so the players and coaches have the same understanding on whats legal and not.

The head coach went on to talk about the players and how they are looking in camp thus far.

Braxton Miller and Tom Herman have something special going on in terms of learning and teaching

Coach said Braxton is a special player and they used Gruden Quartebacks Camp Video as a teaching tool and it has paid off in a newly confident Miller. Said he’s not giving Miller an “A” yet but pushing “A” work.

Taylor Decker has solidified himself as starter, if season started tomorrow would be the starter. Jordan Hall is the best candidate for the “H” hybrid right now. Mike Mitchell is backup middle linebacker. Hall, Roby, and Dontre Wilson leading candidates as returners. Urban said they needed to get better on kick off returns not good last year, punt returns were ok but could improve. He expects freshman Joey Bosa to play on the defensive line this year been using him inside and outside. Donovan Munger has qualified by the Clearing House but will not play this fall due to health issue (blood clot).

Coach says the offense will look different this year as long as everyone stays healthy. Much more of a spread/read element. Last season they played a “pro offense” very little reading and used single wing. Meyer said the “H” position didn’t exist last season.

This years freshman class reminds Urban of his 06 season at Florida and the impact that they had. Wide receiver Joe Ramstetter was the first to have his black strip removed, Mike Miller and Dontre Wilson also had theirs removed. Coach said Ezekial Elliott was going to have his removed yesterday also but fumbled the ball. The head coach said hes not big on saving players said if you don’t play it’s because your not good enough. Unfortunately looks as if Evan Lisle is going to be one of those players with Meyer saying he’s not physically ready to go.

Urban feels this team is faster than a year ago and hopes you will see it in three weeks.

Coach said last years culture was driven by leaders and if they have distractions this year they will be an average team. He is seeing great leadership from Christian Bryant, C.J. Barnett, Shazier, Braxton and the offensive line.

Urban said that currently Najee Murray is suspended “training camp issue”.

Besides the buzz coming out of camp about the freshman running back Dontre Wilson there is also buzz about wide reciever Evan Spence who coach said is playing faster than a year ago.

Since I wasn’t there at media days (need to talk to my editor about this) I choose today to use Andrew Lind and his twitter feed to help give out some info on the players he talked with. Andrew is writer for Land-Grant Holy Land and you can follow him on twitter @LindLGHL.

Mike Vrable says Noah Spencer and Adolphus Washington are two guys who will get after the quarterback the most this season. Washington is looking forward to “filling the big shoes” left by Big Hank. Meyer has a nickname for Washington and its Diesel.

Coach Herman feels Miller is becoming the leader of the team. Says that his laid back demeanor doesn’t take away from his leadership, you don’t have to be a rah-rah win one for the gipper type to be a great leader.

Australian punter Cam Johnston thinks punting is just as fun as Aussie rules football. He hasn’t had a problem adjusting to the U.S. and credits Drew Basil for helping him get adjusted to American football.

Dontre Wilson who is from Texas feels that him choosing Ohio State over Texas and A&M will open the floodgates for recruits coming to Columbus.

I pretty much set the standard. Most players weren’t looking at Ohio State but now that I’m here everyone is.

He was asked if he is bringing “SEC speed” to Ohio State and his reply was he didn’t think the SEC has that much speed. Wilson claimed Meyer the reason he didn’t end up in Oregon where he was previously committed, was thinking of staying even after Chip Kelly left. Dontre expects to be used like Percy Harvin was in Florida. He says Braxton is his best friend and a great leader who is going to take us to the National Championship game this year. Wilson expects to take it to the house the first touch he gets.

Ezekel Elliott says his biggest adjustment from high school to college is how fast the holes close up and also how much film you have to watch. Says that Kenny Guiton is a guy he looks up to in the locker room and he knows everything.

Jordan Hall feels as long as everyone stays healthy he expects the offense to do great things. He felt that he wasn’t putting in all the effort he could last year but is back on track now. After his injury Hall wasn’t sure whether he wanted to play football anymore. His mind is a complete 180 now and is exited for fifth season.

Mike Mitchell agrees with Wilson about Texas high school players are beginning to look at Ohio State with serious consideration. He hopes to continue in the line of great linebackers at Ohio State. He looks up tp A.J. Hawk and James Lauriniatus. Mitchell claims he has caught up to Wilson a couple of times, not on a dead sprint but when running screens.

Chris Carter has struggled to get rid of extra weight, credits strength coach Mariotti for weight loss. Currently he weighs 345 and his highest was during his freshman season when he weighed 398 lbs.

Kerry Combs said the Buckeyes are recruiting long, lean fast football players who hit and Vonn Bell is the model. Combs said that Roby is a professional and is the leader of the defense. He puts his arms around guys and teaches them how to play the right way.

Braxton Miller says he is just trying the best he can on making everyone happy with their roles on offense. Miller gave the offense a “C” last season despite them going undefeated. He is looking to avoid taking the big hit and protect his body more this season. He was asked if he is a running quarterback who can throw or a quarterback who can run. His answer was both!!

I would like to thank twitter for their help in putting this article together today especially @LindLGHL You can read Andrew Linds entire recap of the media days at Land Grant Holy Land. and OhioStateBuckeyes.com for their video and pictures made available for the public.

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