Football Moment 2012: Crowning The Champion

OSU FootballWith a resounding 69% of the vote, your 2012 Champion of the Football Moment Bracket is none other than:

Kenny Guiton’s last drive against Purdue

Here are the highlights from the entire Purdue game, but the Football Moment Champ starts at the three-minute mark:

It’s almost too fitting to be ironic. In a season that started with a jaw-dropping catch (Devin Smith, offensive moment #2), had a quarterback straight video game-juke himself into the endzone (Braxton Miller, offensive moment #3) and a one-man wrecking crew on defense (Ryan Shazier, defensive moments #1, #4, #5, #8 and #9) we collectively as a fan base choose the back-up quarterback’s heroics as the defining moment of the flawless 2012 season.

There wasn’t anything to play for. The team and the coach could have watched Braxton go down hard to the turf and just mail in the rest of the game. “Today wasn’t our day,” could have been a fitting explanation. “They wanted it more than us,” they would have certainly said. “We tip our hat to Purdue. They’ve done it again.”

But Kenny Guiton, that skinny kid from Houston who figured he’d have as good a shot at starting after Terrelle Pryor hung up his cleats came in. There was no jealousy of the younger Braxton. Guiton got in that huddle, struggled his first couple of tries but then willed his team down the field. Even the catch, a diving effort by Chris Fields, wasn’t easy. None of that game was. But when people look back at Urban’s first season, look back at the first (of many!) undefeated seasons, it will be Kenny Guiton’s fourth quarter comeback people will remember. Sure, Devin Smith’s catch was unforgettable. Shazier’s inspired play against Penn State was one for the ages. Beating Bielema again will be remembered. But it won’t be with the same fervor that Guiton’s play against Purdue will be remembered.

That one will stay with us not just with memories, but with emotions.


  1. I still think Shazier was robbed….

  2. You guys are preaching to the choir here, but Kenny G will live on much longer than anything Shazier did last year…

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