5 teams I want the Buckeyes to play

Today, I come to you from the comfort of my air conditioned house, munching on pizza rolls and string cheese. I may need some prune juice for later with all the cheese that I’ve consumed. Sorry, I digress.

I’ve taken up the task of writing an article of the 5 (non-conference) teams that I think would need a can of whoop-a** opened on them. These teams are strictly of my opinion (and the opinions of others) and feel free to agree with me at any time.

I came up with the list by putting out the bat signal on twitter and facebook & after the dust settled from all the responses I received, I narrowed it down to some interesting choices that are sure to bring about some discussion. They are in no discernible order but the number 1 team deserves the top spot and you’ll see why.

#5 Hawaii- I’ve chosen Hawaii just for the fun of it. It’s not so much that it’d be a blood bath as OSU would make the Warriors look like Boy Scouts, but more for the scenery. How can you pass up warm tropical breezes, sprawling beaches, scantily clad women, and all the coconut drinks with umbrellas you can drink (please be at least 21)?

#4 Boise State- Lately, Boise State has been posting rather impressive seasons and they seemed to be unstoppable. My beef with them is I feel they were in a weak conference. I felt they were kind of like a 6th grader studying in a 1st grade class. C’mon Broncos, come to a real conference and play with the B1G boys.

#3 Oregon- About the only thing I like about Oregon is the vast amount of uniform combinations. Other than that, I’ve been unimpressed with them. The mad scientist of Chip Kelly instilled a potent offense that racked up impressive numbers. Now if I remembered correctly, OSU and Oregon met in a Rose Bowl back in 2010.

#2 Notre Dame- With Notre Dame classified as an independent school, they can pick and choose whomever they play. Notre Dame has been and always will be my distant second favorite team only because I grew up Catholic. My animosity with Notre Dame lately lies strictly with Brian Kelly. Some time ago, he was the coach for the Cincinnati Bearcats and at that time, the Bearcats were a team to be reckoned with. They even put up a record that was worthy enough of them to play the Florida Gators in a major BCS bowl game. All because Kelly had a lifelong dream to coach at ND, he jumped at the first immediate offer from the Irish, leaving before the bowl game and leaving the Bearcats like lambs to the slaughter.

#1 Alabama- Alabama has been the big cheese, the head honcho, big man on campus and the unstoppable force in college football. SEC this, SEC that…I’m so sick of hearing of how great the SEC is that I could puke coat hangers! I’m so tired of the B1G Ten not getting respect that it makes my butt hurt! Well, the saying is that if you want to be the man, you got to beat the man. Well, guess what…we now have the biggest man out there.

Now, it’s time to wrap up this post by indulging on the sweetest comeback in history…a chocolate Hostess cupcake.

P.S. 22 days and counting…


  1. I love the idea of playing Hawaii in a home and home and having Motsag pay for me to go to Maui to cover the game for the site… 🙂

  2. “I’m so sick of hearing of how great the SEC is that I could puke coat hangers!”

    Hahaha! I love it! And I feel the same way!

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