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imagesOhio state has 2 major needs for the 2014 class Linebackers and Offensive Lineman. These are major needs with many players needed. OSU already has 4 OLmen in the fold but is really looking to add maybe 2 more guys to the roster. Chad Mavety may be the exact guy they need for the class the 6’6″ 320 lbs 4 star OT from Garden City, New York is a JUCO player. His experience in the JUCO is a major plus as he has been able to develop his game and improve his scholastic studies and become a much more mature guy. He brings great size and speed to the position but maybe most importantly he has a sense of maturity and leadership you wont get from a true freshman. 247sports ranks him a high 4 star and the #3 JUCO player in the country. He will graduate in December and will have 3 years to complete 2 years of eligibility. I hope you all will find his interview as refreshing and truthful as I did. There was real maturity in the answers and depth to them.

SYR- How has recruiting been different for you this time around as opposed to when you were in HS?

Chad- well in high school I was under recruited, when I was graduating high school I probably had 3 division 1 scholarships in Rutgers, West Virginia, and Buffalo. So now being that I’m the #1 Tackle In the country there’s alot more hype around me and coaches do everything to get a hold of me when before I was the one doing anything to get a hold of these coaches!

SYR- Has it been easier since you knew what to expect?

Chad- it has been easier but like I said I’m in an entirely different situation now

SYR- When you were in HS what school did you want or did commit to before going the JUCO route?

Chad- Honestly I was extremely close to committing to Buffalo to play Defensive tackle

SYR- How was it playing last year for your school and how did the season go?

Chad- It was awesome to come into Nassau and start as a freshman! You really have to earn your spot here so knowing that I beat out an upper class men to get the starting job was just a big confidence booster. We finished 9-2 due to
Our quarterback getting surgery right before our biggest game of the season that would’ve put us in the National Championship game.

SYR- Any words of advice for others who may go the JUCO way?

Chad- I always tell the kids that visit Juco it’s not easy but it teaches you how to grow up and take responsibility being that for most kids it’s there last shot to achieve there dream and it can happen at Juco as long as you have the right mentality and goals!

SYR- Do you have an official top 5 list if yes who are they?

Chad- I don’t but I will have a list soon!

SYR- Do you have a favorite right now if yes who is it?

Chad- i don’t have a favorite rite now but I had a great time on my Alabama, Florida state and Ohio state visits.

SYR- If you pick Ohio State has Coach Meyer told you where and when you can expect to play?

Chad- yeah coach Meyer has told me he wants me to be a leader on this team with all the young talent committing and that as soon as I step on campus I’m the starting left tackle an the only way I lose my spot is if I just can’t handle it!

SYR- When do you hope to commit and is it a firm date yet?

Chad- im not sure it may come at a random time or a set date

SYR- Are you worried about spots filling up and missing out or are you assured of a spot if you pick OSU?

Chad- im not worried they told me I have nothing to worry about

SYR- If you were going to die tomorrow what would your last meal be?

Chad- I would say lasagna that’s one of my favorite meals

SYR- Who is your personal hero and why?

Chad- My personal hero is my mom! She has three kids and she’s raised us by herself for years and been through anything and everything a single mother can go through but still never quits!

SYR- What college did you grow up being a fan of and why?

Chad- I grew up loving Syracuse because my Aunts went there together! It was during the Melo era and I was the biggest Melo fan when he was on Syracuse so I would always visit and I fell In love with the place.

SYR- Who is your favorite football player ever?

Chad- Favorite football player ever idk but favorite rite now is Demarcus Ware, truly a role model on the field and off!

SYR- What would you like OSU fans to know about you that they probably don’t already know?

Chad- Im not a cocky super star athlete I’m just a regular kid from a small town that’s humble and blessed to be in my situation and the reason I take my #55 jersey so seriously is that I wear it for my father who passed away when I was 7.

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