Coaches Pre-Season Poll released

It is August 1st so you know what that means right? We are officially in the month that actual college football games will be played. It also means a plethora of pre-season polls will be released and although many will argue they mean nothing they actually do have significant meaning. It is a lot easier to get to the top 2 of the BCS polls if you start highly ranked in the pre-season then if you have to fight an uphill battle all season.

So we officially have our first one with the USA Today Coaches Poll just being released. Here are some of the more important teams and their rankings.

1.) Alabama
2.) The Ohio State University
3.) Oregon

11.) Notre Dame

17.) TTUN
18.) Nebraska

22.) Northwestern
23.) Wisconsin

Here are a few highlights…

Alabama got 58 of 62 1st place votes, OSU got 3, Texas A&M got 1.

The SEC has 6 teams in the top 25…. The B1G has 5 teams…. Pac 12 5 teams…. Big 12 has 4 teams….. ACC with 2 teams. Louisville, Boise St, and Notre Dame are the other 3 teams.

I am a little surprised to see only 6 SEC teams even if 5 are in the top 10. Nice to see Northwestern get some early recognition. I won’t complain about OSU being second after all Bama is the reigning EVERYTHING.

What do you think of the first pre-season poll?


  1. buckeyepastor says

    Would have been great with us being #4 or #5. I think a little bit of feeling disrespected would do this team some good. Being #1 or #2 is not useful to me until the end of November.

    • Thanks for stopping by Pastor…

      The only reason it matters right now is it is easier to finish 1 or 2 in the BCS poll if you start there. Which when it comes to the NCG that is all that matters.

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