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I had the privilege of interviewing Terrence Alexander the playmaking cornerback from John Curtis High School in River Ridge, Louisiana. If what your looking for in a corner is quick hips and tremendous closing speed who runs a 4.4 40 yard dash then Terrence is the man, and I have not seen to many prospect that are better at this position. Standing at 5″10 178lbs he does not have the biggest frame but this definitely does not mean Terrence does not play big. Terrence plays with a huge chip on his shoulder as he feels slightly disrespected with being ranked only as a top 40 corner, this should tell you that he is not satisfied with being average and he is always going to strive to be great. He is slightly under the radar right now, but coming off an impressive week at The Opening I fully expect his rankings to skyrocket making him a consensus top 15 cornerback. I look for Terrence to make a visit to Ohio State towards the end of summer and hopefully gets a chance to see how great of a place Columbus is. I think Terrence is a talent you can not pass on regardless of how small the class is.

Q: When did Ohio State offer you a scholarship, and how did it feel?

A: Ohio state offered around the last week of spring ball after seeing me practice twice. And it felt great knowing that a prestigious school such as Ohio State wants me to be apart of their program.

Q: Who is your primary recruiter and how often do you speak?

A: I have talked with coach Coombs and Coach Withers , but i talk to coach Withers the most

Q: What about Ohio State makes you strongly consider them?

A: Being one of the top ranked preseason team is a factor , also know the great history about the school.

Q: Is it true you grew up a Buckeye fan? If so how did you become one?

A: Well they were one of my favorites teams and just hearing about them alot made that come about.

Q: What is your personal and team goals for your senior season?

A: It would be to let the nation know I’m without a doubt one of the best cornerbacks in the nation.

Q: What do you feel you need to improve on the most your senior season?

A: just changing the pace of the game , making it where everyone in he stands know that I’m in the game and that I’m a dangerous player.

Q: What do you personally feel is your biggest strength on the field?

A: Confidence , 1 on 1 coverage , and being aggressive.

Q: Which schools are recruiting you the hardest?

A: Ole miss , Stanford , Ohio State , Northwestern , Arkansas , Miami.

Q: Do you plan on taking a visit to Ohio State?

A: Im trying to get there before this summer is over.

Q: Do you have a timetable on when you would like to make a commitment?

A: I would definitely have a top school going in to my senior season , but no set commitment date.

Q: What is your impression on Coach Meyer?

A: I like how he is bringing that southern talent up to Ohio State , he has done well at almost every college he has been with. Last year can show you that.

Q: Name some of your other interests besides football?

A: I also run track. The 200 , 100 and triple jump sometimes.

Here are the highlights of Terrence in action you can also follow him on twitter at @Terrence_9


  1. this kid is underrated if you ask me has great cover skills and looks bigger than his stats…

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