MotSaG Chat with Parris Campbell JR

I enjoyed interviewing Parris Campbell Jr. as he was extremely insightful and mature in his answers which is impressive for a kid who just had his 16th birthday last week. Parris is physically superior to most kids at his age as he stands 6″0 184 lbs and running an extraordinary 4.41 40 yard dash. Parris was Ohio States 4th commit and we got lucky on this one from all reports he made a smooth transition to wide receiver at The Opening and was his teams most reliable receiver. He is going to fill in at the famous role that all Buckeye fans are aware of now the “percy harvin” role.

247 lists Parris as the number 13 overall wide recover and 119 overall player in the country
Rivals list Parris as the number 23 overall athlete
Scout lists Parris as the number 9 overall running back

Q: When you were offered by Ohio State, how long did it take you to realize that it was the right school for you?

A: not long at all I always wanted to go to Ohio State. Since I was a kid it was always my dream school. I just had to make sure on my visits and after those visits everything was set. I was all OSU.

Q: When you think of Ohio State football what come to your mind?

A: tradition, national championships, winning, and family

Q: Which Ohio State coach do you speak with the most?

A: Mike Vrable

Q: Are any other schools still trying to recruit you, or have you shut your recruitment completely down?

A: I have completely shut it down but I still get letters from other colleges like TTUN, Alabama, and a lot of other schools

Q: It feels like all the commits are pretty close to each other, did you guys get to spend a lot of time together at The Opening?

A: yes we spent tons of time together. Every night we got together and just chilled in someone’s room

Q: What did it feel like getting invited to The Opening which many consider the greatest accomplishment a high school football player can receive?

A: it was an amazing feeling it was football heaven. I felt really good inside to know I got mentioned as one of the best in the nation and got to compete against the others.

Q: Was it tough making the transition to more of a wide receiver role at The Opening?

A: no not really because I’ve always been like a running back and a slot receiver at my school.

Q: What do you think you learned the most from being at The Opening?

A: that if you want to make it to the pros. It’s not easy at all. It’s all hard work. You decide if you want to succeed no one else.

Q: Who was the best player that covered you?

A: ill have to say Tony brown

Q: What is your personal goal for your senior season at St. Vincent- St. Mary?

A: to win another state championship

Q: What do you need to work on most before you step on the field at Ohio State?

A: probably my route running, and getting a lot stronger and getting faster.

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