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OSU FootballAnother Promotion: Buckeye’s Men’s Lacrosse Team announced that Dave Dobbins has been promoted to Associate head coach. Dobbins has been an assistant coach for the last four years. Dave will work primarily the offense and special teams and will oversee the community service and academic programs.

Team Punished: on July 14th this year Marcus Baugh a freshman tight end got himself into a little trouble by getting arrested for under age consumption. Well it appears that hasn’t gone over so well with the Buckeye’s football staff. There’s a report that the entire team was punished for Baugh’s actions. I’m sure that didn’t go over to well with his teamates.

Media Days: As I have previously reported to you the B1G media days start this upcoming Wednesday. This past week was the SEC’s media days and you’ll never guess who was a hot topic on the first day. Go ahead and guess you won’t figure it out. OK I’ll tell you don’t act surprise by this but it was Urban Meyer. I know shocking Meyer brought up at the SEC media days. It seems that the Florida head coach was making headlines. Will Muschamp talked about Ohio State turning in Florida over possible NCAA violations and was quoted as saying;

“You’re 100 percent responsible,” Muschamp said. “I can’t possibly know everything that happens every single night with our football team. But you also can’t stick your head in the sand and pretend everything is okay, either.”

Under Muschamp’s watch there has been 14 arrests since he has been the head coach. Now his arrest quote wasn’t a dig at Meyer but an answer to one of the many questions about Aaron Hernandez and his situation. I know people will want to point out that of those 14 arrests 9 were Urban recruits and 5 were Muschamps. Bottom line there is a problem in The Swamp.

We all know that the B1G media days won’t be as exciting as the SEC but I’m hoping Urban comes out swinging. Before I was hoping he just answered with Muschamp who? SEC who?

Tim Bielik had a nice article on why Urban has the full attention of the SEC.

Well Buckeye Nation until next time…


  1. I wonder if the team exacted revenge on Baugh “Full Metal Jacket” style and held him down and beat him with bars of soap placed in socks?

  2. Well, the news that the whole team getting punished doesn’t seem to jive with the national perception of Urban Meyer and his letting his players get away with murder.

    Oh wait that’s probably a horrible cliche to use.

    Either way, it’s clear Meyer isn’t going to let this kind of thing slide. Baugh will pay. The team will pay. And hopefully the message will be clear.

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