What non Buckeye Fans don’t Understand

I recently read an article or a comment on an article about how naive Buckeye fans are to hold disgraced figures of the Ohio State history in high regard. Now I’m sorry I don’t have a link to said article because my memory has failed me on which one it was. This article apparently stuck into my subconscious and came rushing out with a story idea this morning while pouring a cup of coffee.

Woody Hayes, Jim Tressel, and Gordon Gee all have been iconic Buckeye figures and will always be to us. Most of us know the mistakes that each man made but we will give a brief review of each. Woody had a very volatile temper having punched reporters, shoved camera men, the tantrum in the 1971 Michigan game and last but not least his undoing the infamous punch to the throat of Charlie Bauman in the 1978 Gator Bowl. Jim Tressel had Tattoo gate and Gordan Gee with his slips of the tongue.

Each man had a fall from grace which is unfortunate with how revered they all were. People from around the nation look at them differently than us Buckeye fans. Saying each man was a disgrace and disappointment to college athletics. In some regards yes they were a disappointment to Ohio State fans and alumni for the fact they never had the chance to leave gracefully. On paper to people who did not know these gentleman it did look disgraceful.

The Ohio State University holds each of these men in high regard because each and every fan understands one thing. These gentleman are human beings and human beings make mistakes. Some larger than others just because of the scale of notoriety being a leader for one of the largest universities in the nation. We understand that while their mistakes were major it did not define the men they were. Hayes, Tressel, and Gee were dedicated to helping shape young people’s lives and they were successful in doing that. All three were also successful in donating and raising money to help build the university into what it is today. The Ohio State University is one of the top universities in the nation because these three men had a integral part in helping shape its future.

We fans and alumni respect and honor the positive things each man did in their own right. We remember the mistakes that were made but we also know that every human has made mistakes. Buckeye Nation isn’t like the rest of the nation in letting a persons mistakes define him. Buckeye Nation defines a person on the positive influence he or she makes.


  1. buckeyepastor says

    To put it more succinctly, we celebrate them because we know more of their story than the general population. While most know the negatives reported in the media, Buckeye fans also know and remember Hayes’ visits to and support of children’s hospitals and his insistence that his players be well-rounded human beings. We know and remember Tressel’s volunteer work, donations, and mentoring efforts. We know and remember all that Gee was able to do to build our school’s standing and facilities up.

    • Buckeyepastor Thank You for stopping by and taking the time out to leave a comment. Your comment is so very true all three men have done so much positive for our community. The reason why Ohio State is what it is because the positive influence and dedication they took into shaping people’s lives that has been and will continue to be passed on, instilling pride, humility, and sacrifice. The future of Buckeye Nation will continue to be strong.

  2. I have a friend that I played high school football with that went on to play for Tressel at Youngstown state in the mid 90s. He wasn’t a bad kid, but he had a mean streak in him and temper that got him in trouble quite a bit. When I ran into him on campus at YSU when he was a junior he was a different kid. While I can’t speak directly to his influences, I’m pretty sure Tressel had a big influence on him.

    These guys are humans, but we build them up so much with our expectations and it pains us to see them fall. The rest of the world, outside of the Buckeye Circle, were just waiting for it to happen. They still matter to us. It’s a shame others can’t see past that one mistake to take in the big picture.

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