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New Digs: put up a post about the new Buckeye’s Basketball facilities. Since May 2012 Ohio State has spent 13.7 million dollars on improving the Schottenstein Center that both the men and women basketball teams use. The improvements are to the locker rooms, practice gyms, and the weight rooms. This should show possible recruits how dedicated the university is to the basketball programs.

He Shoots He Scores: Buckeyes fan favorite Amedeo Della Valle Hits a game winning shot for his Italian team against Spain yesterday. His performance at FIBA’s U-20 European Championship could make Thad a fan for his upcoming sophomore season. Looks like maybe he has learned from the bench how to hit game winners great job Amedeo.

Show Us Your Swag: Ohio State is running a contest this month. Look Fly in July, send the Buckeyes your pic wearing your OSU gear and you could win prizes from the university. I know you all have so much to choose from since this we are the Best Damn Fans in the Land. I would enter but I’m not as Fly as Brutus.

Buckeye Smarts: Guess who leads the B1G in with Distinguished Scholars? I know you said The Ohio State University because you know they have 74 Distinguished Scholars. So nice to see many athletes that take their education seriously and work hard at both.

Buckeyes Representing: 10 athletes from the Ohio State program. Sophomore Men’s Basketball player Amedeo Della Valle playing for Italy on the Under 20 national team. Junior Diver Cheyenne Cousineau will be representing the United States at the FINA World Championships being held July 20th to July 28th in Barcelona, Spain. Women’s Soccer being represented by Senior Danica Wu and recent grad Tiffany Cameron on the Canadian National Team. Women’s Swimming will be represented by former Buckey Samantha Cheverton and incoming freshman Zulal Zeren at the FINA World CHampionships July 28th to Aug 4th. U.S. Men’s Junior National Volleyball Team will Be represented by coach Pete Hanson, junior Michael Henchy, redshirt freshman Driss Guessous, and junior Brennan Anderson as an alternate. Buckeye Nation wishes you all Good Luck.

Insider’s Story: I am going to be leaving you will an article from Buddy Martin. Martin had complete access to Urban Meyer and his staff, team, and meetings in the year between his 2 National Championships. This is a great post, informative and no hiding any truth i suggest you read it.

Well Buckeye Nation until next time…


  1. I love the pics of all the improvements for the basketball teams…. but couldnt they get Scarlet and Gray colored weights?

  2. Great round up, Shannon. I especially enjoyed Buddy’s perspective on Urban. The Media (*cough* ESPN *cough* FOX SPORTS 1 *cough*) are doing everyone a disservice with the fervor they go after someone, anyone, to blame. They should be ashamed of themselves and their high-and-mighty morality stances (*cough* MARK MAY *cough*)

    • Glad you enjoyed in Tony. I thought Buddy’s perspective was great and it made me feel like what I see is what I get. I know SEC and scUM fans are all trying to pile up on him but the facts are there is a problem in Gainesville that even their current head coach is having you know the one throwing rocks today that has his head buried in the sand. I am no longer going to be talking about Mark “Hypocrite” May. He blasts college kids for poor choices but as a professional he made bad choices twice.

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