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stephen_collierJust by reading the name Stephen Collier I might have already lost a couple of readers but I’m asking you please stay with me you, won’t be disappointed.

Collier is a 3 star recruit out of Leesburg, Georgia, who has been invited to the Elite 11. Collier racked up impressive numbers his junior season, racking up a more then 2,200 total yards and 34 touchdowns. Right now, Collier holds ten offers in hand, two of which are from the Buckeye State in Toledo and Cincinnati. On June 9th, Collier camped at Ohio State and loved his visit.

“The camp was awesome. I loved learning some new things and getting to play with some incredible talent. I spoke with most of the offensive staff and Coach Meyer. Campus was awesome, top tier as expected. If Ohio State offered, I would seriously consider going there. It’s a great place with great players and a great coaching staff.”

I had a chance to chat with him as well:

Me: Who was your hero growing up?
Stephen Collier: “My hero growing up has always been my father. He’s been there for me since I can remember and he continues to show how great of a person and a father he really is. He works hard, is caring, always does the right thing, he’s helped me become the person that I am today.”

Me: What is your favorite food?
SC:“I love food in general but if I had to pick a favorite it’d be Sushi or Chicken Tenders lol.”

Me: Favorite athlete of all-time?
SC:“Though I haven’t agreed with all of his decisions in the past it’s LeBron James. From a physical and athletic standpoint he is a freak, and I mean that as a compliment.”

Me: Is distance going to be a problem for you and your family?
SC:“Distance isn’t a problem. I’ve been out of the county on my own, and we’ve moved a few times so it’s not at all.”

Me: What is the biggest thing people tell you that you need to work on?
SC:“People tell me I need to work on my feet the most. Just getting off of my toes and generating power from the ground up.”

Me: What is the weirdest thing that has happened on a college visit?
SC:“When I was on a visit to Georgia Tech for a game another QB recruit was there. He had both his stepmom there and his biological mom. The biological mom found out I was a QB and told me she hope I broke my arm so her kid could play LOL. The stepmom and dad later apologized.”

Me: Growing up in Georgia are you Dawgs fan?
SC:“I always cheered for UGA but as college football became a legitimate possibility for me to play, I kind of never rooted for any particular team.”

Me: What are your grades like?
SC:“Great grades. Thanks to my parents who made greatness a priority on and off the field. I have a 4.2 GPA with a 1770 on the SAT.”

Me: Winning TD….run it in or throw it in?
SC:“Throwing it for the win! Doesn’t get any better than that!”

Me: Tell me something you want people to know about you.
SC:“I’d want people to know that while I may not always be the biggest, the strongest, or the most well known, I will always work until I get the desired results. Anything that I’ve gotten athletically or academically has come because of an incredible amount of time and work. I’d want people to know that I come from an amazing family, with both parents present and a younger sibling. And lastly I’d want them to know God is number one in my life and without him none of this would be possible.”

I would like to thank the Collier family for letting me do this interview and want to wish Stephen nothing but the best in his upcoming senior season. I hope everyone enjoyed reading the Q&A as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you guys.

Elite 11 Invite Call

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  1. Good piece, here Adam.That Georgia Tech story is crazy!

    Seems like a good, smart kid. The Buckeyes would do well to continue to pursue him.

  2. Heres to hoping if things fall through with Harris this kid gets an offer he looks like he has a ton of potential.

  3. Interested fan says

    This young man is the real deal. Who can’t appreciate someone who just works hard to get everything he has received.


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