Tyvis Powell is a Rising Star


OSU FootballComing into the 2013 season everyone is talking about which true freshman will help the Buckeyes the most. I am going to tell you about a redshirt freshman who I believe will make the biggest impact for the Buckeyes this fall. Tyvis Powell picked the Buckeyes over Michigan St and West Virginia. Powell played his high school football at Bedford where he was coached by Sean Williams where he racked up 6 interceptions and 100+ tackles during his junior and senior season. Powell enrolled at Ohio State in January of 2012 so he could participate in spring drills and try to get a leg up. It didn’t happen and Powell was redshirted his freshman season.

One year later could make all the difference in the world. This time last year Powell was just trying to earn a spot on special teams, this year he is trying to earn a starting spot on defense. In early spring Powell caught people’s attention when he was lining up at the star position for the Buckeyes defense. Urban Meyer was one of those…

“He earned that right in the off-season,” Meyer said. “He didn’t earn that during the season. I really like him by the way. He’s a 6-2 guy that’s done everything right.”

I personally am a huge Powell fan and really hope he earns the Star position. I think he could bring some grit to the defense. He has size and speed and that is always want you want from a guy who will be right up on the line a scrimmage. About a week ago Tyvis sent out a letter to #BuckeyeNation stating his love and passion about being a Buckeye. The thing I really took away from his letter is he is going to do anything and everything to be a starter. I surely wouldn’t want to be in his way.

“I still feel like I’m not where I need to be. We have a saying in the secondary called “B.I.A.” Which stands for “Best In America” and right now I do not feel like I am the best nickel in America.”

The “Star” position for Ohio State is very important to the Buckeyes defense. The star position requires a player to have good speed and cover skills but also someone who can get off blocks and make open field tackles. The Buckeyes mainly use the Star when a team has a three wide receiver set, but will use it at different times.

Powell will need to continue to make plays and impressing coaches to earn the starting spot in the season opener against Buffalo. There is going to be a lot of competition the rest of the summer for the Star position. Corey Brown and Devan Bogard seem to be the main competition to Powell along with true freshman Vonn Bell. “The Chase” is on for the next Star on the Silver Bullet Defense.

EDITORS NOTE: This story was written by one of our newest writers Adam whose twitter handle is @Bucks0331.


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