Gordon Gee To Retire (Unwashed Masses To Rejoice)

ESPN can’t contain their glee.

“During my days away, I also spent some time in self-reflection,” Gee said. “And after much deliberation, I have decided it is now time for me to turn over the reins of leadership to allow the seeds that we have planted to grow. It is also time for me to re-energize and refocus myself.”

ESPN’s writers can’t contain their glee:

There’s plenty to react to here, like how Gordon Gee’s comments, taken in a moment of unfettered levity, have been twisted and repeated ad naseum while Alabama’s president once said, “It is appropriate that all our sororities and fraternities – traditionally African-American, traditionally white and multicultural – determine their membership,” and was but a blip on the National Media’s radar.

But what’s said has been said, what’s done has been done. In the world of Twitter and 24-hour ESPN coverage and the dead period of sports people care about has lead us to this point. Gee was great for this great university and it will be hard to replace him. But Ohio State will be able to attract and hire anyone it pleases. Gee is leaving big shoes to fill. It will be exciting to see who fills them.

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