Football Moment 2012 Bracket (Round Two, Offense)

OSU FootballNow that you’ve voted on the best defensive moments of 2012, it’s time to for the offense to have it’s time.

In the “Just give it to Kenny G” region, we have:

#1 Kenny Guiton’s last drive [Purdue] vs. #9 Rod Smith TD [Nebraska]

[poll id=”53″]

#4 Hyde feeding himself [UM] vs. #5 Braxton’s stutter step [Miami]

[poll id=”54″]

And in the “Devin Smith and everyone else” region, we have:

#3 Braxton’s goaline TD [PSU] vs. #6 Philly Brown TD [Illinois]

[poll id=”55″]

#2 Devin Smith TD catch [Miami] vs. #7 Braxton to Devin Smith [MSU]

[poll id=”56″]

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