NCAA Pick ‘Em Winner

basketball_iconCongratulations are in order for Gamehenge Multibeasts MoT for his winning bracket in MotSaG’s 2013 NCAA Tourney Pick ‘Em contest (even if he only had the Buckeyes making it to the Sweet Sixteen). He had Michigan and Louisville in the final game with a pretty close final score prediction. As long as he had Michigan losing, we will overlook the slight Buckeye Snub.

For proving his prowess against the rest of us shlubs, he’s won a $50 gift certificate. So get in touch with us, Gamehenge, to claim your prize.

Also, get in touch with us so we can learn what a Gamehenge Multibeast is. Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. Dubie Dubendorfer says

    I am the Gamehenge Multibeasts! As a lifelong Ohio State fan, and a Duke fan (I went there), picking Michigan to go that far was painful. However, knowing that everyone in this group would likely have the Bucks going far, and would hate on TTUN, I tried the contrary strategy, which worked well. Plus, watching our friends make it almost all the way to the top, and then fail spectacularly, was everything I could have dreamed of.

    Thanks for running the contest!


    P.S. All of your Phish-loving readers will recognize my team name’s origins…

    • Dubie — Sorry for the late reply. I got your message earlier and will have your prize to you as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience.

      And I can’t fault you too much for your strategy. Watching the weasels lose in the end was still satisfying.

      Congrats. And I don’t follow Phish, so I’ll have to dig deeper to find the meaning…

  2. Gary Duby says

    Way to go Dube. OSU all the way. I didn’t figure TTUN would have the nuts to make it all the way. I posted after the tournament that if Ware had been playing, TTUN would have lost by 20!!
    Love you Son,

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