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Michael Thomas hopes to make bigger a contribution this year

At last year’s spring game Michael Thomas made quite a name for himself, catching 12 passes and looking like the answer the Buckeyes needed for a receiving core that lacked depth. However, Thomas would fail to live up to those expectations as his grand total in 2012 was 3 catches for 22 yards. Receiver’s coach Zach Smith thinks that was a blessing in disguise as Thomas might have become complacent with his early success. Perhaps that underwhelming season will provide a spark towards big things this season. Early signs are good as word coming from spring practice indicates Thomas has been catching deep balls and made an excellent one handed catch for a touchdown despite pass interference.

Good news on the rectuiting front

The Buckeyes have done a great job of keeping of the top talent in-state and that was reinforced as Kyle Berger committed to Ohio State. Berger, a 4* prospect according to Rivals is the first linebacker to commit for the 2014 class. In getting Berger the Buckeyes not only locked up a key in-state player, they also denied TTUN who was Berger’s most likely next choice.

Ohio State assistant to be next FGCU coach?

Not much to say here but Buckeye assistant coach Chris Jent has been linked with the now vacant head coach job in Dunk City.

Former Buckeye Jim Cordle resigned by Giants

Jim Cordle who played center at Ohio State has been resigned by the Giants.

Nick Saban shares Woody Hayes story

Saban, who way back when was the defensive backs coach under Earl Bruce related a story about how Woody Hayes once inspired the team before playing TTUN by citing America’s win in the Pacific during World War II and how because of all the adversity against them The Game represented a huge opportunity for the team. The Buckeyes would go on to win that game 14-9. Funnily enough, Saban would be fired less than a month later allegedly because of his failure to get a certain recruit. Could that have made Saban the excellent recruiter he is today?


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