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RICK REILLY DOESN’T GET IT: Rick Reilly is perhaps best known as the staunchest defender of Lance Armstrong throughout his doping scandal so anything he now says or does probably shouldn’t be taken too seriously. So, when at a recent press conference he asked Aaron Craft if he could see why someone might find him annoying you can be excused for groaning out loud. To Craft’s credit he deftly scored points off this by telling De’Shaun Thomas, “I think he’s talking to you, De’Shaun”. The question itself already seems inappropriate but that Reilly insists on making it about Craft both on and off the court takes it into the, well, “Rick Reilly Zone” of questioning.

WHEN YOU THINK SAUERKRAUT, THINK OSU TAILGATING: An Ohio State fan has achieved what so many tailgaters dream for: Being featured on a can of sauerkraut. Jim George had a picture taken of him and his friends with SnowFloss sauerkraut, a regional brand, for a photo contest to be featured on the cans of sauerkraut this summer.

MICHAEL JENKINS SIGNED BY THE PATRIOTS: Former Buckeye and former Viking Michael Jenkins has been signed by the Patriots as they look to bring some experience to their receiving core. The Patriots have a history of bringing veterans in to training camp and then letting them compete among themselves for a spot. Michael Jenkins is probably best remembered for the “Holy Buckeye” touchdown pass against Purdue in 2002.

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MIKE GESICKI TAKES UNOFFICIAL VISIT TO COLUMBUS: Who is Mike Gesicki you might be asking? Only one of the most touted recruits on the East Coast! While he has been playing wide receiver in high school many think he could make the switch to tight end if he bulked up some. Gesicki has been flying under the radar as a 3* recruit but as Ohio State and TTUN have taken interest, you can expect to hear more about him in the near future.

DAVE LEGGET PASSES AWAY: And now for some sad news. Dave Leggett the MVP of the of the 1955 Rose Bowl passed away after a long battle with an illness. Leggett lettered for three seasons under Woody Hayes. In the last game of the ’55 regular season he lead a legendary drive against TTUN that spanned nearly 100 yards. After graduating from OSU, Leggett went on to have a career in the Air Force as well as in the financial and planning industries. He was 79.

CAL RUNNING BACKS: While waiting for the tip-off of Ohio State’s Sweet 16 game I found this little item on College Football News in a review of the most interesting running back situations around the country.

California’s Sonny Dykes is known for cranking up the passing game, but last season he took true freshman Kenneth Dixon and got a dominant star with 1,194 rushing yards and a record-setting 27 scores. Can new recruit Khalfani Muhammad be the Cal version? No – he’s only 5-7 and a wispy 170 pounds – but the Bears need help with top runners C.J. Anderson and Isi Sofele gone. Junior Brendan Bigelow is the top returning back with 431 yards and three touchdowns last season, while sophomore Daniel Lasco ran for 109 yards and a touchdown – that’s about it in terms of sure-thing production. Considering Dykes is going to want a ying to the yang with a ground attack to go along with the passing game, finding the right back is going to be tough.

Do I need to remind Ohio State fans exactly who Brendan Bigelow is?

Yep, he’s the guy who ran just four times for 160 yds. and two TDs in Ohio Stadium. If new Cal head coach Sonny Dykes wants to find someone other than Bigelow to run the ball against Ohio State in Cal Memorial Stadium on Sept. 14 that’s fine by me.

BRUCE WHOOLEY? Ohio State fans may have some problems with Bruce Hooley but you have to admire his hatred of Indiana basketball. It is as pure and uncluttered as LaQuinton Ross’s jumper.


While it’s gratifying to finger-point at the Worldwide Leader’s obvious bias against Ohio State I doubt that’s what’s really in play here. In all probability CBS has the rights to any highlight packages of NCAA tournament games. In fact, the top 10 featured not a single tournament highlight.

My advice? Relax Buckeye fans. Q’s shot was one for the ages. That highlight will be around long after ESPN has given up sports and buys Canada…and probably Mexico.

FEARLESS The Buckeye boys from the Midwest were supposed to be worn down by jet lag and amped up by the bright lights and the big city. LA was supposed to beat the Buckeyes. As it turns out, Aaron Craft won over at least one Angelino, LA Times columnist Bill Plaschke:

“He’s funny. He’s frantic. He’s fearless.”

The Crafty One impressed the normally cynical Plaschke.

POST OF THE NIGHT on MGoBlog re: Ohio State: “They must have a special deal with Satan.”

SMOOTH MACHINES Ohio State’s Italian import, Amedeo Della Valle, tweeted side-by-side photos of Aaron Craft’s and LaQuinton Ross’s winning jump shots from the last two Ohio State games.

Perfect picture

If ADV is an Italian import, the photos of Craft and Ross made me wonder what kind of cars their jump shots remind me of. Ross has a shot as smooth as an idling Mercedes SL550 Roadster.

Craft has a shot that reminds me of my old 1964 Ford Falcon dragging its muffler down the street. Neither one was pretty but they both got where they are going.

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