Football Moment 2013 Bracket (Round One, Defense)

OSU FootballHopefully you’ve already voted in the Offensive side of the 2013 Moment Bracket. Here we present the 16 plays on the Defensive/Special Teams side of the ball.

To the bracket!

Defensive Bracket

#1 Shazier’s goal line hit [Wisconsin] vs. #16 Hankins’ caused fumble [UM]

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#8 Shazier’s Hit on QB [Cal] vs. #9 Shazier’s hit on Denard 4-and-3 [UM]

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#5 Shazier’s sack up the middle [PSU] vs. #12 Gang Tackling [MSU]

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#4 Shazier’s INT TD [PSU] vs. #13 Philly Brown punt return TD [Nebraska]

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#3 Boren hit on Garnder [UM] vs. #14 Coach Coombs down the sideline [Illinois]

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#6 Roby pass break up [Wisconsin] vs. #11 Howard punt block [Indiana]

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#7 Philly Brown punt return TD [Wisconsin] vs. #10 Roby INT TD [Nebraska]

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#2 Kenny G’s 2-point conversion [Purdue] vs. #15 Christian Bryant hit [Cal]

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